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Can i make my linen/cotton jaket strechier by soaking it in water? hot or cold?

Asked by Mely (1points) June 20th, 2008
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Cotton or linen can’t be stretched. Soaking it in water hot or cold will cause it to shrink, as the fibers will swell and tighten the fabric.

For instance:
When you wash your jeans and wear them the next day you’ll notice that the jeans will feel a bit tighter, then they were wearing them a for few days.

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no, but you sure can make it wet!

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I think that’s a good question, though. Think about when you have on a pair of wet jeans. They do stretch out and as they dry they stay big. Same with cotton Tees. I’m imagining jumping into a pool with a tee shirt on and watching it grow and stretch out. When you get out, it’s huge! So, I’m thinking that if you stretched it while it was wet, it would stay that size until you wet it again. But that may not be what you were asking for. :/

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no, just don’t do it… please think of what the jacket will tell you if it could speak…

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