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What would you do if wake up one day in a world where these things didn't exist: computers, Internet, iPhone, iPod, mobile phone, and TV?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) June 20th, 2008

Would the world commit suicide? We are so sucked into all these things that I bet many of us wouldn’t find life to be meaningful. It makes you wonder how people lived in the past.

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it’s what i do for a living, so i’d be screwed, think i’d start a career as a guitar player or something

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I’d go back to bed.

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I’d have a square dance. Maybe iwamoto could play at it?

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well, i’d sure like to play the banjo, i mean, i can play guitar and i’m sure i’d be playing violin again in a few months, so yeah, i could play at the dance

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who will be the dancers? chebdragon, trance24, wildflower…...any volunteers, can’t count on Curious404 cos she went back to bed

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wildflower…dancing…this comes to mind….

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that picture is truly disturbing. have you seen this one?

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yeah, (got em all on my HDD) wish i could play stuff like that, funny text by the way

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I’m a drummer in a ceilidh band, I’m sure we could put together a full on shindig with a Fluther band…!

I think I’d probably take a lot more photos, play and write a lot more music, and paint more. None of which would be bad things.

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We could be the band at the fluther conference. When will that be? I wonder if people would be afraid to show up and have to interact in real life rather than the virtual one that we have. Would it come to blows? (“You’re playthebanjo? You’re a bastard. I hated your response to that post about my love life. This is my Dad, the 400 lb bodybuilder. He wants to talk to you outside”)

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Hahahaha, I’ve got your back, 400lbs is nothing.

When / where is the conference? I’m meant to be saving to pay off debts, so don’t know if that will work out for me…

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“aren’t you iwamoto? the one with that remark, ahem, i quote, i’d rather lube up a rubber chicken and sodomize myself then fixing your mac? it was?, well, i’m here to tell you that wasn’t very nice”

the fluther all star band…wicked

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what would be our name? The Roaring Jellies?

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The Flaming Flutherites

The Tentacles Of Terror

Helicopter Heroes

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definitely not helicopter heroes

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ah cmon, it would be awesome, ben would do this mid song drum fill where we lift our instruments by the neck, reach for the crotch with the other hand, and quickly twirl it, then continue playing, like an in-song gimmick

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I’d take my car, get my yamaha and all the gear, get in the middle of the woods to have some enduro fun, I’ll get up, get my fav. Dostoyevsky book make some coffee and start reading, I’d go outside and take a walk, I’d prepare a nice breakfast for my family, and then lunch, as the ipod is not the only source of good music, I’ll start looking thorugh my cd collection (which is pretty big) to find my Maxwell cd’s and there you go, you’ll have a nice day, also, a glass of wine is great company :)

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Well I’m not old enough to remember living without TV, but I definetly remember living without the rest. I would miss them all, but my world would not end. I’d definetly read more, as well as spend more time outside.

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I’d get a lot more knitting, sewing and painting done – I might even start making a dark room and get in to retro photography.

so when is this hoedown taking place?? my Irish dancing is a bit so-so, I should probably start practicing

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When? Where? (I volunteer Athens, Georgia)

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I’m pretty sure we’d survive.

What would I do personally? Write in my journal, hang out with friends, go swimming.

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I would skateboard more. Ive lived without all those things before. all i need is a bus pass, skateboard, and beer and i will achieve nirvana.

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hmmmm… the collective will survive!! bravo! Let’s celebrate our new choices and live life fully, not just virtually

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