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Is there a lesson hanging around where manipulatives are used for teaching double digit division?

Asked by rkirktn (1points) June 20th, 2008

I need a lesson to teach double digit division and I would like to use manipulatives for a concrete example

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I have no idea what that question means. It’s because I am dumb. Thanks for making me feel so inadequate this early in the morning.

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my wife is a teacher and we are usually able to find lessons and ppt’s using google. try googling double digit division lesson and you might find what you are looking for…if you use powerpoint’s in your classroom, you can add filetype:ppt to the end of the search text so that it looks for powerpoint’s with those words in them.

I didn’t find anything when i added the word “manipulatives” to the search, so it was probably too specific. Since you probably know more about what you are looking for than I do, check out the links I mentioned above if you haven’t already.

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Math-U-See, is the most common curriculum used by us homeschoolers for kids that need that extra manipulative help.

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Substitution rule? I haven’t done division in such a long time. Depending on what the grade level is, I’d set it up as a fraction and do cancelling. ie. 24/100 = 6/25 = 0.24

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