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Help me to find information on gadgets!

Asked by LesFex (9points) June 20th, 2008

I’m a big gadget freak; I love to read anything about new and happening gadgets. Can anybody suggest me a site which lists currently active gadget blogs.

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Engadget and Gadgetell

that’s all i know

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all the above and cnet. Sound to me u must be a new gadget freak/geek because you would already have known about these sites

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yeah, i was thinking the same thing hollister, reminds me a bit of swimmer dude (profile says he knows all about mac, yet he doesn’t know if a macbook comes with a power adaptor)

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LOL. Buddy we have alot of youngsters on here. If my kid has a question he just asks me.

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here are some more good ones to go along with engadget and gizmodo

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The Cool Hunter is a great site for all things new and wonderful, but they have a specific section for gadgets.

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Check out they have some unique and quirky gadgets.

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