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Anyone tried camel snus?

Asked by micksarecool (53points) June 20th, 2008 from iPhone

Got an email from camel today(cause I’m such a dedicated smoker) about there new snus. From what I’ve read its just like snuff from Norway only its in pouches. I just want to know how it is if you have tried it and is it worth a try cause I need to trade in my pack for something else without totally quitting nicotine.

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First time you try it you will get sick!

But apparently once you’re used to it, it’s enjoyable. I’m surrounded by strange scandinavians who relish in these snus pleasures – I don’t get it, but they seem to like it, plus you don’t have to go outside to enjoy a bit of snus!

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what is nice is that if you add an “i” you get sinus…is that intentional?

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The menthol version might actually have some effect on that.

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wow…they have a menthol version? then you could smoke when you are sick!

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This is like going from the frying pan to the fire.
When I was training in the ER there was a man with part of his jaw removed. He was real into chewing tobacco. I will not go into further detail. But I will add that he was no longer able to enjoy his chew.

Aside of what I am sure you know regarding health risks maybe you could switch to the nicotine patch instead of either option.

That way you get the nicotine and perhaps even a chance at missing out on the health issues.

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There’s no end to the varieties on offer…..

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do they have one that tastes like ham?

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No idea, but why not just eat some ham??

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I’d be down for a ham flavor, bacon or jerky may be better hickory smoked all the way

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What about cancer flavour?

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mmm nothing says fresh breath like cancer.

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Spent fuel flavor. Just as effective!
When “High Level” is synonymous with quality, purists crave…

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But at least if you quit smoking and start to snuuing you will get some of your lung capacity back. I tried them once. A guy at work had them. He swallowed the spit and said you were supposed to. I didn’t swallow though. I swallowed some skoal spit at little league practice one time and puked my guts out. Aren’t skoal bandits the same thing? Just snuff in a teabag. Thats what they reminded me of.

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do they still make skoal bandits? I haven’t thought about them in years.

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@ Buster I just bought a tin about 20 min ago an popped one in, there actually really good and it says right on the can no spitting required. Last night while reading up on this stuff I saw that skoal and other dips are fire cured I believe and because of that you have to spit, the snus is cured differently so its not as harsh I guess which is why you can swallow it an be fine. I’ve got one in now and I dont feel sick at all these things are pretty awesome.

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yeah they still make bandits. i bought some when i rode with my parents to florida a few weeks ago so i wouldn’t have a nic fit because i couldn’t smoke.

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Snus lover here. I enjoy it in moderation. Camel mellow is the best-tasting American brand, but most snus enthusiasts prefer the taste of authentic Swedish snus.

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Never heard of it before.

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I learned a lot about snus from an article I read online and it convinced me to make the switch from cigarettes. Everything I have been reading shows me that snus is pretty much harmless because of the way its made! I highly recommend giving the article a read if yall are curious about snus: Snus Authority: all about Marlboro, Camel, and Swedish Snus

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@Dog: There is a big difference between chewing tobacco and snus. Snus has been treated to remove a great deal of the carcinogens called nitrosamines. When an expert panel was asked to compare the risk of tobacco-related disease for low nitrosamine smokeless tobacco (LN-SLT) with smoking, they concluded, “In comparison with smoking, experts perceive at least a 90% reduction in the relative risk of LN-SLT use. The risks of using LN-SLT products therefore should not be portrayed as comparable with those of smoking cigarettes.” The experts’ estimate was very conservative. Studies of snus users show that the rates of every type of cancer are lower for snus users versus smokers. In fact, there is only one type of cancer where the snus users have a higher rate than non-users. If 10,000 snus users are followed, 8 or 9 of them will develop pancreatic cancer, versus 4 for never-users of tobacco.

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