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Should I deactivate my iPhone acct and wait for my company to transfer my number?

Asked by danese (1points) July 8th, 2007

I got a new number during activation because I just couldn't wait to play...but now I'm thinking I really want my old number

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you would have to pay $ 175 for cancelling your contract. But you can call up at&t; and ask them to transfer your number

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I did the exact same thing. Just call AT&t; and tell them you want to port your old number. They porter my verizon number and I was sending and receiving calls literally whitin a minute. I would recommend calling them after getting a new number instead of using ITunes built in transfer system to anybody.

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If AT&T; gives you any hassle, remind them that you're still within 14 days of activation, so you can escape your contract without penalty if you need to.

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