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(NSFW)How did you meet your partner?

Asked by Eggie (5921points) August 19th, 2013

This question goes out to the beautiful lesbian ladies here on Fluther I would just like to know how did you meet your lesbian girlfriend?

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Unless ya met at an orgy I’m not sure what is NSFW about this question…

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at the pet store.

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At a dirty, greasy lawn mower repair shop.
Oh, wait. I saw the lesbian-only part just now. So…Eggie, do you assume all lesbian women meet in some sort of sexual arena? Is that why it’s NSFW? If you asked straight people where they met their S/O’s do you assume the answers would be NSFW?

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I don’t identify as a lesbian but do identify as a queer person. I met my last girlfriend in school.

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I think he’s wanting some kind of girl on girl action replies!

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Well, it all started late one night during a naked pillow fight, after we’d been drinking…

<fap fap fap>

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Fap fap fap. Eww!!

I’m sure most lesbians don’t jump into bed on the first date or like, 5 minutes after they met, just like most everyone else doesn’t. Except for I did, lol! Well, I couldn’t get him to stop talking any other way that first night! We’ve been together almost 12 years now.

Do you suppose he wants to hear man on woman action details @Headhurts? Not much to tell here. We had sex, and I found out later that he had a broken rib but he didn’t tell me until the next morning, whereupon he started whining about how his side hurt.

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@Dutchess_III No, I don’t think he wants to know. Although I liked your story, sounds like you had a energetic night.

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This is just an odd question. It does make you wonder what was going through his mind when he asked it. Why NSF?

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Dear Fluther Forum,

I always thought your stories were bullshit until this happened to me . . .

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I didn’t mean anything offensive by the NSFW. I put it like that because I was not sure if everyone would feel comfortable with having the label lesbian as the question. I know that some people are very touchy about that sort of thing so I was just trying to play it safe. If you guys prefer, I apologize for putting it as NSFW and I could change it if you like. I am not really looking for any girl on stories but I just wanted to know about the stories about how you meet your queer partner. Again I am sorry if I mislead anyone about the NSFW.

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@Eggie Don’t let any negative comments bother you; you were trying to be considerate.

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I met my partner online, the most modern of ways, but we actually met before our scheduled first date.
We had arranged to meet on the Saturday, and had been talking on the phone quite a lot. On Wednesday night at just after midnight she called to wish me a happy birthday. Unfortunately I had just had some bad news that my mum was taken into hospital with heart problems.
My now partner (who I hadn’t met yet) insisted on driving to the hospital from a party she was at around forty miles away. I didn’t believe she would actually come, but she turned up, and supported me. We sat up until 6:30am talking and kissing and I knew I was falling for her then.
My mum was thankfully let out later that day.
We amending our “first date” to later that night and went for dinner and the rest is history :).

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I see. Thanks for clarifying that @Eggie! (Sorry. But just FYI, Rick’s ribs really, REALLY hurt the next day. :) )

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Online. Was just looking to meet up with lesbians in my area, to hang out with. I was in a relationship at the time.

We hit it off as friends. But, honestly, there was a amazing connection right away (I can’t explain it) Things happened (broke up with my then partner) and we ended up getting together.

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I’m not a lesbian, but I play one on tv. lol
Seriously though, I’m straight (but I will admit I’m a tiny bit curious) and I met my fiancé on Facebook.

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