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When you get a golden dollar coin as change, do you plan on not spending it?

Asked by jcs007 (1773points) June 20th, 2008 from iPhone

I rarely see them. And when I do, it’s like I found a pot o’ gold.

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I take it to the bank, and get a more-spendable dollar bill for it.

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I jam them into my penny-loafers, and strut around town impressing everyone with my sense of style.

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@beast. You take it to the bank?!? To get a more spendable dollar bill?!?

Man, you living day-to-day off vending machines or something? And you do realize it’s legal tender, every bit as spendable at Wal-Mart as it is convertible at the bank, right?

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Believe it or not, but some convenience stores won’t accept them. In addition, perhaps I do want a soda, and see a vending machine.

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I trade them in for Susan B Anthony dollars. She’s way hotter than Sacagawea. ~

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I hate those! I got 4 of them one night and they’re still laying on my floor. I hate change (yes theyre a dollar but its still like change).

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those are very common in Ecuador

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i dont consider them to be any special and actually they are pretty easy to get. If you go to a post office and order stamps from the vending machine, it gives you change in golden dollar coins

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I make sure to keep one of each design. I like them :)

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@mirza: stamp vending machines give them as change!?!? because if this is true, then I know where to look for the golden-dollar jackpot…

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@jcs: atleast here in NJ, they do. I am guessing it should be nationwide too. A while ago, i had to buy a pack of stamps with a $ 20 and I got back like 11 gold coins and spare change

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It’s the same here in Cali, at the post office I mean. You also get them for change at our 24hr self car wash facilities. Jcs. I know what you mean. I’m amazed by them too! No joke. I think they’re cool. My fiancĂ© laughs when I get some and am like, “Look! Gold dollor coins! Wow!” Sometimes I even do a half a$$ job on my car to keep the rest of them.

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They are phasing out the stamp vending machines (at least here in CA). Instead, you have to use the autopostofficethingy (help me out here, AC, what is the official name) and use a credit or debit card. They’ve already converted our PO.

In answer to the question, If they stayed gold, maybe, but the way they tarnish, they are ugly and heavy.

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Half dollars are where it’s at.

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I have 50 dollars in golden sacajawea $1 coins, a newer gold $1 coin, and several silver dollar coins, and a few half dollar silver coins.

No idea (still no idea i should say since i’ve had them for like half my life and before) what to do with them, but keep them and hope they’ll be worth something one day.

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I hate them! I can carry $20 of paper in my wallet with no problem. Ever tried to carry $20 of coin? Screw that! I trade them for good money as soon as I can. If I can’t, I throw them out the window, along with all my pennies. Stupid pennies….

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I save them to give to my niece and nephew.

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Something that is very important to look at in this discussion is the intrinsic value of the coin and what it is actually made of (0.77 copper, 0.12 zinc, 0.07 manganese, and 0.04 nickel). Unfortunately, like all other coins, there is almost no chance of it being worth more than its face value. The melt value of the alloy can be worth anywhere from $.06 – $.10. But there are a small number of exceptions. For instance, A 2000-D Sacagawea Dollar coin in MS64 condition is worth: $2.00.

Just something to think about.

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I got one in my pocket lol

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