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You have suddenly been granted one wish, what did you use it for?

Asked by bunnyslippers (837points) August 19th, 2013

You saved the life of a magic squirrel, the undisputed evilest of all animals great or small, and he is willing to grant you one wish. What do you wish for?

Be aware, the squirrel is a dick, and he has rules, you can’t use your wish on anything that isn’t for personal gain, you can’t raise anyone from the dead, and you can’t wish for more wishes.

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I would wish to know what I really want.

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I would wish for the power to make folks shit their pants whenever I pointed at them.

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If the squirrel really is a dick, I wish for his nuts in a vice, just because.

Seek's avatar

I want money. Not a ton, just… Say, $60,000 per year.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

I wish for my children to live basically happy lives. That’s it. And a queer rainbow pony. Obv.

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I wish for the right words so that my husband and I can completely understand each other when there’s a difficult subject to discuss. Heaven knows I haven’t found them on my own, so I will take the squirrel’s help.

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Some KFC spices for my squirrel kabobs.

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Pay off my home equity loan, save my house.

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More semi-colons.

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I would wish for every gun and other destructive device on Earth to disappear—POOF!

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All pollution suddenly cleared up.

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I would wish to be granted greater magical powers than even the one who granted my wish.

Then I’d grant @Pachyderm_In_The_Room‘s wish of making every “destructive device on Earth to disappear——POOF!”… And since humans are the most destructive device, then everyone would “POOF!”.

including myself because I just destroyed humanity

i hate evil squirrels

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If I can’t raise anyone from the dead, I wish every living person on Earth would never die! (including me of course)

Oops! I almost forgot there are people I don’t want to exist at all :p

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Everyone who want a job is now fully and gainfully employed. That would get me out from under all the relatives I am currently helping out.

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More wishes.

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A perfect body. poof.

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^^^One that doesn’t age? That would take two wishes.

Mimishu1995's avatar

@CWOTUS Busted! Read the question again :)

CWOTUS's avatar

“Again?” You’re assuming that I read it the first time.

Headhurts's avatar

For both me and my boyfriend to be able to retire, which would cut out more human contact, bliss.

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I hate to say ‘money’, but most of what I want at the moment, can be had with more money.

So I’ll say it… money.
oodles of it

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@Mimishu1995 – Watch “Torchwood: Miracle Day,” and you may change your mind about wanting no one on Earth to die.

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I wish for my boyfriend and I to move into our ideal little house in the Highlands (Scottish) and live happily ever after.

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@tedibear Just look it up on Wikipedia. Maybe I have to change my mind :(

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To be free of all my debt and have money saved!

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