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What's for Lunch?

Asked by vectorul (276points) June 20th, 2008
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Tacos, dos carne asada y un pastor.

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Apple pie and cream.

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caribbean chicken salad sandwich, cheese-its and a banana.

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mmmm arbys 5 for 5.95

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Buffalo Chicken Wrap with bleu cheese, french fries, and a pickle =]

Paired with a nice refreshing Snapple Peach Mangosteen

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did you eat all 5 in one sitting?

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@waterskier2007 yeah, if you are i think I’m obligated to call you a fat body. =D Any way i got the 5 for $5.95, i can’t either finish my mozz stix, or one of my roastbeefs =\

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I envy you, waterskier. No arby’s on Long Island. I’m having Panera Bread. Mmmm, sourdough.

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@Eambos o0o00 mmm Chicken-Fontega =D Yum!

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mmm panera. I like the Italian Combo on an Asiago Demi with the shortbread cookies

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This question is making me think that a grilled cheese with ham is the right direction to go in.

Veggie corndogs would be easier to make. I’m torn.

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I’m smoking some salmon for a sailing trip to Catalina this weekend with some friends, I may sneak some of that. I typically eat a very light lunch, especially when it’s 105° outside!

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A snack-pack of Orville Redenbacher’s microwave popcorn, a pack of those orange cheese crackers with the smudge of peanut butter inside, and a good old coca cola while at my desk at work.

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@vikkilynn2002 coca cola is always awesome, but your lunch kinda sounds weak sauce, u need to beef it up with some other things, unless you don’t eat meat. Ill make you a sandwich, where do you work? =P

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sushi + sake at one of my fav. places :) take a look

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Oklahoma Joe’s arguably the best bbq in Kansas City

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@iceblu, thanks i guess haha

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@iceblu I know, my lunch today sucks! I’m working a weird shift today and didn’t think I’d be hungry for anything more than a snack. I’ll try harder next week. :)

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Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Crunchy Granola Bar(s). I’m busy.

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@knotmyday, wow dont fill urself up there, haha

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I don’t know yet. This is making me hungry though.

@P&T Will there be enough left to express mail to me?

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A couple of Mai Tai’s.

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@ Marina, perhaps…

It’s a piece of wild-caught salmon I soaked in Myers’ Rum, then cured for a few hours in brown sugar, kosher salt & black pepper to draw out some moisture and tightened up the meat. It’s then hot-smoked for 20 minutes or so over alder wood. When finished, it flakes into nice little chunks for breakfast or snacking.

It’s also good as an appetizer on toasted sourdough with a smear of chevre and a sprinkle of chives.

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Mai Tais – now there’s a lunch I can get behind.

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Now, I know. I have to go get some salmon, preferably smoked. Unfortunately, my favorite commercial smoked salmon place is on the North end of Whidbey Island near Deception Pass—not a good place to try go on a sunny Seattle Friday afternoon (traffic).

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No one does salmon like they do up in Seattle. Except maybe me :)

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@Astrochuck, nice to pare it down to the essentials.

I unfortunately left my lunch at home. Or it would have been a roasted potato and arugula salad with garlic, chipotle sausage and edamame.

Instead lunch was a frozen mini-pizza. Sad.

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Grilled old-cheese

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Panera Bread. Roast Beef sandwich w/ broc n cheese soup.

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I ended up having home cooked Persian beef and spinach stew over saffron rice. Yum!

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so hungry…

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You guys are making me drool. I just had an icky frozen whatchamacallit pasta thing.

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this is kind of like one of those lame lean cuisine commercials.

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Haha! I know! Its all because of my frozen ickyness of a lunch and your guy’s good lunch.

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