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What is the name of this movie?

Asked by wheedwacker (15points) July 8th, 2007

Here are the things I remember about it:
There was a black car driving around without someone in it.
The main character found a gun in the black car.
Someone was trying to speak to the man, and phones would ring as he passed them. After a while, he shot at the phones with the gun he found in the car.
At the end it turns out that there was some AI project going on or something.

It was on TV a few years ago, but I forget the name.

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OK, let’s try to narrow it down to a smaller list of “possibles.”

Can you remember the YEAR you saw this movie? If we can narrow it down to a specific YEAR and that it was a TV movie, then we have a better likelihood of identifying it, specifically.

Also, what station was it on? Was it on a Cable Channel like HBO, or was it on a local, over-the-air TV station?

Describe, as best you can, the main character. What race was he? Did he speak with an accent of any kind? Was he an American actor or American character?

The more information you can retrieve from your memory, the better an opportunity we have to identify the specific movie.

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