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How do I secure my internet connection?

Asked by CelticsFan (140points) June 20th, 2008

Just want to know how I secure it from public access…

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The security of your connection to the internet is a two way street: your computer is happy to encrypt the data you send over the internet, but the server receiving the data needs to be happy to receive it. Most good websites do this automatically; and you’ll see a padlock in your address bar, or status bar, when this is happening.

However, you are more than likely talking about a wireless network. In which case, you’ll want to take a few steps to secure it.

1. Turn off SSID broadcasting. This stops your router from telling all and sundry about itself.

2. Turn on WPA. If your router supports this security setting, then use it over WEP.

3. (optional, really) Turn on MAC address filtering. This means that your router will only let certain devices (which you have to specify) connect to it.

Hope that helps :-]

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to secure your connection you van use proxy, with proxy you can surf anonymously, to find out where you can find proxy sites just google it or go to

Hope this can help you =)

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Heres the simple answer: Add a password to your wireless connection.

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ok, but How do I add a password to my wireless connection? What steps do I have to take?

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What kind of router do you have ?

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I have a Verizon DSL modem, it’s a Westell

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Well first you need to log into your router. You can do so by typing “” on your address bar and then log in with the factory default :
username: admin
password: password

From there on, browse through the settings to find the option to set up a password for the router

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OMFG!!!! Mirza, how’d you know my router’s password?!?! Oh noes!!! Am I pwned?!?!?!

j/k (sounded funny in my head)

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