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Does your dog act like a cat? Or your cat like a dog?

Asked by chargers_are_da_bomb (1points) June 20th, 2008

My dog acts like he is a cat. is this normal? does your dog act like a cat? Or does your cat act like a dog? Please tell me. Thank you.

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No, but my cats act like dogs. :-)

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I need more data. What characteristics of your dog’s behavior are you saying are cat-like?

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well my dog likes jumps on the couch really really high up and he does things like that

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Sometimes my cat acts like a dog. If I crumple up a post-it and throw it across the room she chases it down and brings it back to me – fetch. She doesn’t stop either. Once I start playing fetch with her, she’s relentless.

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I had a cat that would follow my dog and I on walks around the neighborhood.

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both my cats will stand on their hind legs and “beg” for treats – very dog like of them, but hey, it works EVERY time!

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I have a cat that plays fetch, brings me his toys, greets me at the door, and walks on a leash. Is this dog-like or just a really outgoing, smart cat? My other cats are very cat-like. They are aloof, and come around only when they want something. But they are loving and sweet, and they all sleep under the covers.

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They don’t act alike, but they love each other’s food!!

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My cat (siamese/red tabby) used to walk me to high school EVERY MORNING….it was certainly 1/4 – 1/2 mile away. In the afternoons, very often but not everyday, he would be waiting for me in the bushes at the edge of the parking lot, and walk me back home again. That was a long long time ago.

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Both of my pets act like this

ahh the good ol’ days of decent nickolodeon cartoons.

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”... it’s a mixed up world, it’s screwed up world…”

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I have had 3 Russian Blues and they are said to be the most dog like cat when it comes to purebreds. All three of them have been extremely dog like in that they greet us at the door, follow us around, lick our noses and want to be with us whenever we are in the house. They have also followed commands such as “shake” (we used Ned Flanders “how doodlely do”, kiss (bump noses or lick our noses), touch and roll over. They like to be petted like dogs, especially on the stomach and 2 of the three willingly went on a leash. my current blue

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My cat definitely thinks he is a dog a lot of the time. In fact my cat used to live with my dog Nikki since he came into the family. But now my dog lives with my mom. But they used to be like best friends, they would rough house like two dogs and everything. My cat also waits at the door for you like a dog, and occasionally sneaks a drink from the toilet. Over all my cat is a very nosy people person and wants loving from everyone, and jumps on you like a dog. lol. He is a very weird cat in general, very crazy.

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Dogs and cats that are raised or live together tend to start mimicking social behaviors.

@ marina~ I also had a cat who did that… when I lived in Miami, Fl, my cat Ty, would join my dog and I on our walks

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one of our cats is a little canine…80% of the time he’s lying on his back somewhere in the middle of the floor, loves his belly rubbed (esp with your foot), likes to sleep at the end of the bed, often stands up and puts his paws on me, sleeps with shoes, and curls up around my feet. he definitely has a foot fetish! he hates to be picked up and has a hard time keeping still.

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If I give my dog a cookie or an ice cube he puts it on the floor and plays with it like a cat.

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Yes, my dog acts like a cat and it drives me nuts! First off, he spends a great deal of time bathing himself with his tongue. He cleans his paws and if you look at him from a distance, you’d swear he was a cat! He is constantly doing that thing where he runs his paws across the top of his head and down to his mouth also. He is also super finicky like a cat. I have trouble feeding him. He will like a meal one day and hate the same thing the next day. he also does that thing where he pushes his head against my hand and forces me to pet him. And the worst thing, he does that thing where he is always at my feet and trying to walk between my legs and he does that while I am walking. He spends hours sleeping like cats and hate that also!! The only thing he doesn’t do is purr!! Is this normal? He is a Lhaffon. Brussels Griffon/Lhasa Apso Hybrid.

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