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Genetics experts: What will my future child probably look like?

Asked by Carinaponcho (1376points) August 24th, 2013 from iPhone

Can somebody who is good at genetics and punnet squares please tell me what the likelyhood of different traits are in my future child?
1. Eye color- partner 1 has brown eyes (parents are green and brown). Partner 2 has green eyes (parents are brown and hazel)
2. Hair color- partner 1 has dark brown, almost black (parents have similar color, but one grandparent is blonde). Partner 2 has medium brown hair (one blonde parent, one with darker hair)
3. Hair texture- partner 1 has very spiraly curly hair (parents both have straight hair). Partner 2 has straight hair (so do both parents)

*I’d like to also add that I’m not pregnant, and this is just speculation. *

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Crap shoot. The two people are so similar for the features you named. You could come up with the rare combination of dark brown eyes and blond hair. But, really any of the features you named could be the case. Blond hair green eyes, brown hair brown eyes, brown hair green eyes, curly brown hair green eyes, etc, etc. You both have the possibility of recessive traits so it’s impossible to predict. You can try to predict what is statistically more likely, but it would be percentages like 25% and 50% for each feature and so the stats would not be very significant. A friend of mine has very dark brown hair, her husband is brown hair also, and all three children are red. All three got the recessive trait, each had a 25% chance of being red.

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It is impossible to predict, but I’d guess the child would have dark eyes (brown/hazel) and dark, straight hair. But who knows?

My husband’s uncle and his wife both have brown hair and eyes; he’s got straight hair and she has gorgeous spiral curls. Their first kid, a boy, has straight dark hair and dark eyes. The second, a girl, has straight blonde hair with dark eyes. The third, also a girl, has dark hair in those perfect spiral curls with dark eyes and looks exactly like her mom.

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You need to list the biological grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ features for all those in order to determine whether the parents might have recessive genes, such as if the parent has brown eyes, but one of their parents or grandparents has light eyes, there may be a recessive gene.

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Impossible to predict because certain genetic traits can skip generations.
Your child could get a throwback to great, great, great, great, grandma Hilda that has zero resembalance to any immediate family members.
I was one of those children, a long line of brown eyed, dark haired people mostly of Welsh and Scottish decent, but…the 1% German gene from my dads side of the family threw me and I came out blonde, blue eyed and was the first family member in memory, on either side that was a fair skinned, blue eyed, blonde.

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Really love your partner, and it really won’t matter about the specific features of the child. No way to tell, and you can have fun sussing it out as the child grows.

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According to my best guess your baby will look wrinkled, squished up, red faced and bear a resemblance to Winston Churchill when she’s born. And you will think she’s the most beautiful baby EVER.

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Impossible to predict. I have two children. One looked like my husband when he was a baby. At least looked identical to pictures of his dad at the same age. Grew up to look like me.
My daughter came out looking like the milkman’s daughter. LOL
But as an infant she looked identical to the daughter of my husbands aunt, who is only related to his mother by having the same mom but different dads.

She grew up to look different from both of us. Also on top of that she has O negative blood. My husband and I are B positive and A positive however we both have a mom that is each O negative. She also picked up almost every negative health trait we have from both sides , while my son is healthy as a rock.
You just won’t know till it happens.

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Easier to use probability fractions, multiplying and adding the sum of multiplications. Assuming all here is Mendelian in nature. Still too much work though!

” 3. Hair texture- partner 1 has very spiral curly hair (parents both have straight hair). Partner 2 has straight hair (so do both parents) ”

Lets take this as an example of straight Mendelian genetics using a Punnett square. Start with f1 ( parents generation ) and know that straight hair is dominant and curly hair recessive. ( disulphide bridges are recessive ) Then f2. ( you and partner )

S = straight

c = curly


Likely cross partner 1 parents.

Sc X Sc

=.1. SS—2 Sc—1 cc

That one cc is partner 1.

Partner 2 is SS most likely.

SS X cc

= all Sc

Probably a straight haired child.

Probabilistically, with all these traits to do, is more work than I will commit too!

PS: I am not a genetic expert,. but any biologist should be able to do some genetics.

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