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Periodic/Repetitive Sound from Speakers?

Asked by anonyjelly16 (747points) June 20th, 2008

On my Windows XP PC when I connect up my headphones, I can hear a slight sound every few seconds. The sound seems similar to static and is so periodic (I can predict when it will next appear) that I think it can be fixed. Any ideas?

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Cell phones and other electronic devices will cause such interruptions.

Even the electronic igniter for my stove causes this.

The trick is to figure out which device is causing it.

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If it’s a dut-duh-dut-duh-dut sound, that’s GSM interference from your cell phone.

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We get the GSM from push-to-talk users here, Nextel and their ilk.
or maybe your PC is channeling techno.

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Try connecting your PC to another power source and see if the problem persists. It could be that where it is plugged in isnt grounded correctly. I had a similar problem and that fixed it

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Its not the cell phone—although that was a good guess. And, it wasnt the power outlet either. Its almost as if the XP operating system is polling the soundcard every so often.

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Could be some other electronic device. I had an ionizing air filter cause a buzz in headphones and speakers.

If you think its XP, try getting a new driver, or checking out any programs that are running that might use the audio. Does it happen when you mute the sound?

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I’ve had a similar problem lately. Static will start pumping through my computer speakers. shockingly the same static seemed to coincide with my modem/phone going out as well. (modem is now gone and the internet and phone are no longer effected by this). however the static still persists. This seems to always happen at night as well, which i find kinda funky. I turn the volume control all the way done and the static sound gets louder. After about 10–20 seconds it stops, then starts up again about 20 minutes later. repeats this a few times then its done for the night… Any ideas. Connections are fine and a new sound card didnt fix the issue. It seems to be environmental but i have no way of testing this.

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