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Do you have a favourite city?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25285points) August 25th, 2013

I know this question was asked before but that was in 2009 so I figured there was no harm in asking again.

What do you love so much about that city?

My personal favourite is Edinburgh. I love the history of the city and I think the old part of the city is beautiful. I also like the fact that it has been called one of the most haunted cities in Europe although I have never experienced any ghostly goings-on has far as I am aware! The best time to go to Edinburgh is in August during the fringe festival and I would definitely recommend going to the Royal Military Tattoo (also in August) at the castle.

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Choosing a favourite city for me is so hard, because they’re all so different. Also my answers would differ depending on whether I’m thinking of “favourite to visit” or “favourite to live in”.

I absolutely loved everything about Prague, but I wouldn’t like to live there because the language is so difficult to learn.

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I haven’t been out of the states, but my favorite city here is San Diego.

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I think I truly like Hong Kong, Singapore and New York.

My absolute favorite, however, is Amersfoort.

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As far as the cities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting, my favorite visit was to Savannah, Georgia. Beautiful architecture.

Home is still New York. Staten Island specifically.

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Philadelphia for its beauty, history, quirkiness, and laid-back attitude. It’s the only city I have known so far that I would be willing to live in.

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I’m not sure I have a favorite city but I do like where it is sunny. I’ve just moved to a place near Edinburgh and was there the other day :) for the festival. I must say though, that Scotland is the most haunted place I have ever lived. No jokes. I am trying to fall in love with it but the weather gets me down.

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When Ah’m feelin’ down, Ah guess it’s Lonesome Town. ;-(

Otherwise: Macho, Surf, Fat, and Suffragette Cities are all way bitchin’! ;-D

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My favorite city is San Francisco (to visit). It has a lot of culture, a little weird, and an element of fun.

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I used to live outside San Francisco, and I have great memories of it. I went back there around 8 years ago, and it was still great. I also like its proximity to Muir Woods, Big Sur, Carmel, etc.

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Seattle was pretty cool and amazingly clean when we visited my brother there. I am a country mouse at heart but if I had to choose a city, that would probably be the one.

As a native Illinoisan I have to give Chicago a mention. It’s a shit-hole but it’s our shit-hole.

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Cities are so different, it’s hard to decide. Out of the places I’ve been, I think my favorite cities are London, Copenhagen(where I live) and Göteborg.

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I don’t like cities. Especially in the UK. So I will say Paris. Bit only for a brief visit.

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Yep, I too do not like cities, at all.
Small towns yes, cities no.
Do I have favorite places? Yes, my beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains here are one, the Rocky Mountains in Colorado are another.

Sadly the mountains are on fire right now in California. A sad and dangerous week here with no end in sight. Some of the most amazing country is going up in smoke right now in my neck o’ the woods, including serious threats to some ancient Sequoia trees in Yosemite.

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I haven’t been able to travel to many cities outside of Southern California more than once. In the past couple years that I have been able to travel, I loved Staunton, Virginia (beautiful small town, but a pain in the ass to get to for someone out of state since it’s so remote) and Seattle, Washington. I am definitely applying to universities in Seattle :) I would love the opportunity to explore more.

I still have a list of cities in California that I would like to visit. I’m planning a trip to Solvang, which I just know is going to be right up my alley.

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I have to give Chicago a mention. It’s a shit-hole

Yeah, living here it’s practically like Mogadishu.

This morning I went to the farmers’ market and took a bike ride to the beach.

My neighborhood pool. is too crowded today, because there’s an arts fair on my block that attracts about 30,000 visitors every year.

At least it’s the weekend and I don’t have to fight the terrible traffic on my commute!

As far as other cities are concerned, living next to both the ocean and the mountains in Los Angeles made me really, really happy.

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you know us downstate folks. ain’t nuttin’ gonna make us happy

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My favorite town is Eagle River, WI It is surrounded by lakes and forest. If I had to choose a city, it would probably be San Francisco, but I’m not a city gal.

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My favorite city is the Los Angeles of my youth, when living in the San Fernando Valley was “Happy Days” innocent America, and the future for all of us looked bright ahead. Having nearby access to the ocean, mountains, desert and Hollywood really helped, too; there was so much to do and see! (L.A. is still a great place to live in many ways, but now you need much more money to do it up right.)

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I’d have to say Boston. And by that I mean Boston and Cambridge, two distinct cities divided by a river but one metropolitan area united by bridges and transit systems.

I’ve loved visiting Edinburgh, Amsterdam, London, Montreal, and numerous other cities, but I don’t know them very well. Brief exposure as a tourist doesn’t establish enough familiarity for me to say “favorite.” Cambridge and Boston are close to my heart as no other place is, including the city where I live now.

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I have to say Berlin.
I was there first when The Wall was up and did Checkpoint Charlie duties, among others.
I thought Berlin the most interesting, exciting city I had ever been to and I still think it despite having been to Hong Kong and Boston since.

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I haven’t traveled much. lol I’m going to say Albany, NY.

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So far, Bar Harbor, ME. I stayed in that area for nearly two months of my summer and it was incredible.

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I’m going to Seattle for the first time soon, I have heard lots of positive stuff about it so I am excited!

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Big city- Sydney
Historical city- London
Beautiful city- Capetown
Fascinating city- Cusco

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My favourite city is New York, i don’t know why, just i like it. :/

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