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What to do when somebody in the office eats my food?

Asked by edmartin101 (776points) June 20th, 2008

I have no idea who is doing it. I did put an add on the office billboard to find out who is doing it, but nobody comes forward. It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes my sandwich and coke disappears.

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A few things come to mind. They are as follows in order of descending illegality:

1. Poison (probably not such a good idea but it would do the trick).
2. Some sort of tell-tale ingredient that is non-lethal (colours their mouth blue for example).
3. Put your stuff in a container of some kind that you can lock.

Honestly, that is a bit weird that nobody has confessed. Maybe its separate people? Do a lot of other things go missing in your office?

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Do you put your name on the baggy?

Hmm.. This always happens to my boyfriend. So what be suggests is too put a little note on your baggy or container that says you farted on your food so don’t eat it. If you don’t have the guts to do that I say just put your food in a lunch box in the fridge instead of just laying it out there in plain view.

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I hate that!! It’s so RUDE! Who would eat someone elses food? Nasty…

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Bake some laxative bread for the fun of it.

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I was thinking something similar to paulc, with food dye or perhaps something extremely hot. There are some Mexican hot sauces that are so hot, people actually turn visibly red (starting with the ears) when eating just a drop or two.

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Check the garbage. Someone might simply be cleaning out the fridge. I have been told to clean the fridge at work a few times.

It is odd if someone would throw away a unopened can of coke.

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It’s just the food, not just mine. I thought about putting some kinda ingredient that will make the guy who is eating do something to him, but I really don’t want to get in trouble. I’ve tried to put the name thing but…...
I will go ahead and try the hot sauce see what happens
I thought to put my urine in an apple juice bottle and add some honey so is sweet and just let that juicy drink be there forever til somebody drinks it then put an add on the bulletin board and say that the drink wasn’t an apple juice but…...
JP you got a point, I’ll check that

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Are you sure they’re eating it? The office sociopath might just be taking it to screw with you. Check your six, my friend. Also, tacking up “please stop” bulletins just feeds aggression…

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@Knotmyday Yeah, I’m thinking someone is trying to mess up with me, but why? what have I done to these guys? Everybody on the outside seem friendly and smile when I greet them. I think one thing that may bother some of these guys is that I’ve been able to produce more in terms of sales than most guys there. I dunno!!

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I’m not so sure about the hot sauce idea on second thought. I don’t know if it could cause an allergic reaction or not. True it would be stealing if clearly marked, but you might still be held responsible. You can never tell. Maybe someone is trying to slow down your production by making you go without lunch. Slackers can get very jealous of achievers, believe me, as you are raising the standard. Too bad they don’t make food dye packets like they do for stolen money.

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Ex-lax- add it to your food for a few days, you will know who it is when they hit the bathroom….

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I have used a product called Bitter Apple in the past. It’s designed to taste so foul that it stops dogs from licking or chewing on items. You can find it at any PetSmart or Petco.

Take something in that you have decided that you can sacrifice. Spray the bitter apple in such a way that it will not be apparent (it’s odorless and colorless) and then let them get an unpleasant surprise.

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@syz It sounds like a great idea, I’ll try that

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I would put a lot of chile!!!!

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Or take the high road and buy a little insulated bag. You can put a small frozen thing in it that can be refrozen at night. Like a teeny cooler. Use a bicycle chain and padlock it to chair leg.

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They are probably not eating it, but just throwing it out to piss you off. Lunch bag it and keep it out of the fridge – get a little ice pack for your insulated lunch box, and either put it in your drawer,under your desk or in a nearby cabinet. You are focusing too much energy on this, so whoever is doing it continues to distract you from your job. They win. Take it back from them, so you can stop even having a thought about it.

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Thanks for the free lunch ed that was delicious

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Try opening a pen and cover a portion of it with the ink from inside (maybe the bottom of a tupperware container or the or under the open tab). Then you can catch them red/blue handed

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Make some delicious brownies and add some ex-lax in them. Eventually you will find out who is taking your food.

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I do not think you should worry about getting in trouble if someone eats your food and something happens to them.

I will warn you that in several instances of this that I know if, it has turned out to be the boss!

I like the laxative and hot sauce ideas and a red dye capsule that explodes.

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@babygalll The Ex-Lax is for people who have problems with their bowls right?
@Marina How does the red dye capsule that explodes works? It sounds interesting

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Sorry about this -it is “bowels”

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@edmartin101: Yes, it comes in Chocolate, so it will camouflage and they will never know it’s in there.

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@gail. Mayybe ed meant problems what was in their bowls. Not enough roughage.
Sign on popcorn dispenser June 1970 in Meridian, Mississippi movie theatre (movie: Cactus Flower): “Popcorn is a necessary roughage”. Things like that stick in my memory forever, unfortunately.

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Use mineral oil in some food. It is clear. odorless, tasteless and a laxative. I worked in a restaurant and we used it to grease the slicer. Some asshole made a really nice waitress cry onet time so I put some in ther pasta. It made her stop crying and im sure they didn’t come back to eat.

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@Ed I found this reference: “The dye pack used in over 75 percent of banks in the United States is called the “SecurityPac,” made by ICI Security Systems.”

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Bake in an alarm buzzer, or some kind of assault alarm in a cheese cake.

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sorry I haven’t been on fluther lately…!! I tried the ex-lax thing and everybody was asking what did that guy eat cos he spend the whole day in the bathroom, so yeah I found out who he was and I told him what I did, we almost got into a fight in the office, then we had to show up to my boss’ office. To make the story short we both got suspended for a week w/o pay, so when shit happens it stinks.

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I am sorry you got suspended. It seems to me you were entirely justified to catch a thief! Now he is exposed to the whole office as a freak who steals food!!!!

BTW, I love the puns in your post.

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I’m sorry ed, I feel bad for suggesting the ex-lax now ; (

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Except for the part that you got suspended, please excuse me for saying this, but this is almost laugh tickling.

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I am so sorry for suggesting ex-lax. Was it at least worth it or do you regret it?

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Good thing I said laxative in stead of poisonous!

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Why, make something very untasty. I mean, very very :) If somebody is eating it, he/she will stop after few tries.
Another thing, which actually helped me – I just put a post-it on my food in fridge, saying, i.e. “I will eat this later today!” or “I know it looks good, but it’s mine!” or “If you would like to taste it, ask me, ok?” or There are 2 sandwiches inside, and I need both!” or something else funny, but clearly stating :)

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Start drug testing randomly. You will eventually get rid of the person that spends all their money on Crack or Meth.

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Following my own advice (after having my entire Chef’s Salad stolen) I bought a big insulated lunch box with it’s own silverware, salt/paper shakers, separate top for dried goods or drinks… WONDERFUL!!! I don’t have to deal with the fridge anymore, I just hang it by my desk, and bring it into the lunch room. Nice little ice pack, too. Nicer year for me just because of that.

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