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Concerning restaurants that serve fresh fish, what do they do with it at the end of the day?

Asked by chutterhanban (1020points) June 20th, 2008

First: What is “fresh?”
Second: If it’s shipped in daily, does that mean the entire stock is replenish daily?

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I’m afraid to know the answer to this question….....

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Fresh is a relative term to a degree, some fish keep longer than others, and many times it means fresh frozen. Most restaurants that serve fish do get daily deliveries. Fish that doesn’t get sold may end up as Bouillabaisse or the like the next day.

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And often, in high-end restaurants, the fish gets eaten early on. If you are a late diner, the wild salmon is usually gone.

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Grinder then hog chow around these parts, so I hear.

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Most of the fish is eaten, what is left is used as stock for soups and other things that don’t require fresh fish.

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Anything that is going to go bad soon is sold as the “Special.”

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They should throw the fish away if it is not use. However, I know many restaurants that do not. Some restaurants refreeze the fish which will not harm you but the taste quality may be affected.

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