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No, I give my pups Greenies. They seem to work great. Every time Bleu and Angus go to the vet he comments on what nice chops they’ve got.

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@Allie, off topic but that was a really well-done page.

@Rob, yes I do. I don’t enjoy it, and neither does Drake. Plus, he has a really long mouth, very crocodilian, with a lot of teeth in it. Maybe I’ll go with the biscuits, too.

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Nah. I figure he does it himself somehow. I always see him rolling around in the grass with his mouth open. Perhaps he is letting the blades of grass brush for him.

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I have known people who do. Most vets recommend it, or you can bring them into the office and they will do it for you. It helps keep your dogs teeth clean and healthy just like ours.

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Yes, I do once per day every morning if you can believe that….......He actually waits for me to get out of the shower after he has his breakfast to have his teeth brushed and face washed up from eating. He has been through all levels of training all the way up to therapy dog and….well, can you guess who is really the “trained one”. ha ha Personally I think he likes the chicken flavored tooth paste and simply deals with the brushing to get another “treat”. Really the most important areas are the gums and teeth toward the front. You will find they bleed a bit at first if he/she has never had them brushed or if it has been a long time…..good luck! It takes some practice for both of you to be able to do it easily…...

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Depends on the breed of dog and his diet…
Retrievers tend to chew on sticks and brush and use this as a sort of scrubbing for their teeth… But then again, if your dog eats something fairly unnatural, such as dog food with lots of corn in it, sticks may not quite do the trick!
i brush my portuguese water dog’s teeth when he needs it. Zack actually loves the toothpaste we have, although I can’t think of the name offhand. Get a flavor the dog enjoys. When I take out the toothbrush, he gets all excited because he likes to act all goofy and suck on the toothbrush while i’m trying to scrub; he’s like a squirmy toddler who thinks he’s playing a game while you’re trying to dress him. it’s cute!!!

(he also loves dental floss! we have a little deal: he lets me floss his teeth if he can chew on the floss afterwards! I think he loves minty flavors.)

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I don’t, because my dogs are on a raw food diet. They do not get the soft grain-based food that results in build-up. Bones are part of their diet and chewing those cleans their teeth.

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i have a tiny toy poodle and he is very prone to tooth decay. he probably has the worst breath and worst looking teeth of any dog i’ve ever seen. unfortunately, he doesn’t like when we try to brush his teeth, so we don’t do it… but his teeth are straight up gnarley

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I have a pitbull ridgeback mix and the vet told me I should

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my roomate brushes her cat’s teeth. Q-tip listerine as well.

Alas, I don’t even brush my own teeth. Why would I brush my pet’s?

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I wish I would have. My poor old guy has to eat soft food now. I fed him dry food all his life thinking it would be good for keeping tatar at bay. But now that he is 13, I see that wasn’t the best idea. I noticed he seemd to be losing some weight, and finally figured out that his teeth were no longer strong enough to chew the dry stuff. So now I soak the dry food to make it soft, then add a can to it to boost his nutrients. he is doing better with that. I could take him to the vet to have his teeth scraped, but I am afraid at his age, the anesthesia would kill him.

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