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What are some tips you used when your infants wouldn't stop crying, that worked, that you'd like to share?

Asked by Dutchess_III (37984points) August 27th, 2013

My daughter gives her 7 month old twins beef jerky when they won’t stop crying. They’re not wet, they don’t want to eat, they don’t want to sleep, Mom’s pulling her hair out…but if she gives them beef jerky it’s like a miracle. They love it, love it, love it. She gives them the super dried, really thick slices. It tastes good, and it has just the right amount of rough texture that feels good on their gums, and has that tiny bit of give to it when they bite down. They’ll chew on them all day long.

I think this is something everybody should know and pass on! I’d also like to hear your results if you every try it.

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I just came across this video actually. Don’t know how well it’d work with other children but it’s still a pretty cute video.

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When my daughter was teething I let her suck on low sugar, frozen yogurt pops.

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Weren’t you afraid a piece would break off and choke her?

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Stick them in the car seat & tootle around the block, replicates the vroom womb I guess.

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@ucme My dad used to take me for a drive.

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My partner always used to take my daughter for a drive in the car. Guaranteed to put her to sleep… until they arrived home again.

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Oh yeah. Up at 2 a.m. driving around and around. The instant the car stopped, though, she was awake and screaming. Been there done that.

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@Dutchess_III No, I supervised of course. She could sit up in her high chair around 7 months and I would let her play with and mouth the yogurt pop while I was on standby. Never had a problem.

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My son liked cold. Frozen carrots, Popsicles… there are some frozen mango puree pips that are pretty awesome.

Even now he demands his water be cold and loves to chew ice.

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All toddlers react differently of course, but their crying will stop.
Too many parents run around like a headless chicken in a panic to stop their babies howling.
It soon turns into an emotional trigger that will only get worse.

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@ucme We’re not talking about toddlers. We’re talking about infants who can’t communicate. You ever had to deal with hours of screaming when you have no idea what is wrong with thebaby? Hours. Of. Screaming.

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@Dutchess_III When my kids were babies they yelled the bloody roof off at times, but never lasted long, certainly not hours.

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I used the frozen teething ring-dealy bobs. I also used arrowroot biscuits and the occasional baby Motrin. But mostly I just held them close and rocked while walking or standing.

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You got lucky! I had one kid who screamed, yes, for hours. It’s the one in question up there in the thread. I was so desperate. She seemed to be hurting but…why? I took her to the doctor, she was healthy. It was a nightmare. She didn’t sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time, before she’d wake up screaming. To this day I don’t know what was wrong.

My son, on the other hand, slept 15 hours a day, rarely cried.

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I thought I would give you a link to baby language so you can try to figure out what the baby needs. I think most moms already know the different sounds intuitively.

I one time saw a show about it and one woman said that her baby was screaming every time she put her child in the car. She figured he just hated being in the car and hated she could not hold him during the drive, etc. When she learned the different sounds babies make, she realized his screaming was from pain. The car seat was hurting him. She changed the seat and he was totally fine being in the car from then on.

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Well ya know…back in the day Beyer made Heroin drops for infants. lol

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Cool @JLeslie! I think we do figure it out instinctively, though. I’ll send that to my daughter.

Yeah Coloma….and whiskey. Honestly…I was relieved when she got a sneezy cold and I had an excuse to give her Benadryl!

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@Dutchess_III I used to joke when my daughter was little about the “Dimetap nap.” lol
A nice long nap for mommy when she had a cold or allergies. haha
Nobody flip out…humor, not advocating drugging ones children, but hey…the sleepy side effects have their pluses.

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My grand daughter was really fussy. I happened to be participating in a “squat challenge” adding 5 squats a day every day.
I was holding her and decided end to do my daily squats at the same time. She quieted instantly and started screaming again when I stopped. Double bonus, fitness and happy baby.
My grandson would inly be quieted by gentle bouncing on a Pilates ball.

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^^^ to late to edit. Where did that extra word come from? And that stupid auto correct, and I swear it wasn’t 10 minuets ago that I posted!

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My parents tried taking me for a drive or giving me a children’s Tylenol (please don’t do), A guide said to run the vacuum cleaner.

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@talljasperman Maybe they should have made you a little coffin swing. lolol

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ALL of that worked, for a while. Running water, putting them on top of the dryer, driving around. It all worked the first, sometimes the 2nd time. Not after that.
Actually, Children’s Tylenol isn’t such a bad idea if it seems the baby is hurting and you just don’t know where.

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Baby Einstein & Classical Baby, it’s like crack for infants.

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Baby Einstein is awesome. I saw if for the first time the other day when I was watching the kids. Sesame street was the closest we had to that when my kids were little.

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Mountain Woman recipe: boil water with a bit of sugar and half an onion until the onion is soft. Take the onion out and make sure there are no bits of onion left behind. Let cool. Put in a bottle at room temperature and give to Baby.

The chemicals from the onion are calming and help relieve gastrointestinal distress.

Worked like a magic potion for both my kids. Make sure you rinse the baby’s gums and teeth to remove any sugar that might have stuck to the teeth/gums.

Not sure it would fly in this day and age with concerns about sugar consumption, but worked back then.

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My son had a problem with constipation so I used to feed him one brown sugar bottle a day. Worked.

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