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Where can I sell my photos online?

Asked by Breefield (2728points) June 20th, 2008

Aside from my own website, do any of you sell photos online?

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There’s potential for money at both jpgmag and Trinod. Neither of them pay all that well though….

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I just mean, something more than nothing. Maybe if it pays for one of my numerous sodas every week I’ll be happy :)

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You could always sell it on stock photo sites like iStockPhoto. I don’t sell my photos online because for starters as lefteh said it does pay well enough and I dont like the idea of someone having the rights to use my pictures commercially

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@trance24, I was looking at that site, its awesome!! Very good pictures there!! Do you have some of yours there!!??

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@lefteh, love JPGmag.

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@lefteh loved too!! Now I need a better camera LOL!!

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yea deviantart is really good. Although theres some great pieces there so I dont know how many you will sell

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It’s a great site. If you have a bit of extra money, buying the actual magazine is also entirely worth it.

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I am using Fotolia, which is a stock photography/vector art sales site. I have had some small succeses with some of my photos. It does not pay well, but after like 50 sales of a photo that is popular, you might have made some 50 bucks or so depending of what size the client chooses to purchase. Not bad. I have made a couple of dollar I otherwise would not have earned… But sure, the rights are out your door…

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Well, say you “sell” the photo. Can you use it on your own portfolio site later?

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I don’t really know actually :-|

Maybe someone here could clarify how stock photography sales really work?

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If you want to read up more on stock photography, there is a good blog I follow called Microstock Diaries that gives a little insight on selling stock photos online.

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I guess you can check out lots of other sites but the major big 6 is,,,, and These are the main microstock photo sites for selling images. This is mainly for amateurs and hobbyist… but it’s not stopping professional like Yuri Arcurs from making 6 digits USD monthly. If u feel u’re good enough, and up for the challenges, you can try submitting to IRIS (at or They’re mainly for professional who knows their stuff.

Also, it’s up to you. Some prefer to go exclusive with 1 supplier but others prefer to spread their portfolio across the web.

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