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Is it acceptable for Fluther users to carry on a conversation within a question?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) June 20th, 2008 from iPhone

Maybe acceptable isn’t the correct term, but do you like to read conversations as parts of answers or should conversation be reserved for the chatroom? I personally like it when questions lead to banter.

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I read conversations as parts of answers, it’s more interesting what people say and how everyone of all ages interact with one another. I don’t think i would like fluther that much if it wasn’t for the conversations.

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I don’t mind. I like it. But then again, it IS against the rules.

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@Randy.. it is? Weird.

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@Randy Then why does it say atthe top logo “Everyone discusses the answer.” Is discussion not conversation? So isn’t that kind of contradicting?

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It goes both ways. Depending on what type of question it is too. I think it’s ok when it leads to a conversation. I don’t mind it. If it totally goes off subject and gets out of hand that’s where I probably would stop following the question.

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Yup. Sometimes you’ll see the mods come in and tell everyone to take the chatter elsewhere. As long as the discussion keeps to the question, I’ve never seen a problem. But I have seen answers removed for being off-topic.

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I think that fluther would be a little boring if everyone just gave flat out answers and there was no flair or conversation going on within the answers, as long as the conversation is somewhat related to the question or answer.

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Off-topic chatter will (sometimes) get moderated, but the on-topic discussions are exactly what this site was created for.

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I like the conversations, they give the answers/people/site more personality. it makes the interaction between members a lot more like real life and helps everyone learn about the other members’ likes and dislikes in the long run.

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If you didn’t get the conversations going, you wouldn’t be having the same experience on here. I think only very few people go in the chat room, the rest of us are only on the various question threads and well, sometimes it just seems like a good idea to add an off-topic comment to one of the other posters…...don’t see why that’s a big deal.

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If you’d like to chat, come to the chatroom!
There’s never anyone there when I check =(
The URL is

Come in and hopefully somone will be there.

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I believe this thread may be the best demonstration of both pro’s and con’s of off-topic chatter…...(I thought it was fun, but not all agree)

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Like the others who have already said it, I think conversations are fine as long as they stay on topic. I don’t mind if it strays a little, as long as it gets back to the subject at hand.

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@wildflower I just read that thread. My eyes hurt from it, ha ha!!

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@wildflower- Hahahaha! I remember that one. I had a lot of fun in that thread.

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hehe….yea, good times :)

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Sorry I missed that!

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@wildflower… dunno how I missed that one either… I’m plugged into all the references. So thanks for the heads up.

And @psyla knocked me off my perch with &beakedaliens;


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Woah, @robmando, you removed the mask! It’s nice to see who was hidden.

See, we start conversing all the time.

Sorry for going off topic.

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Beaked aliens. Probably my favorite Fluther phenomena.
And yea! What eambos said. That change just threw off my ‘look at the pics’ approach!

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Sure, if it stays on topic.

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Well said, if it stays on the topic…

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