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What replacement parts do I need for my MacBook?

Asked by simone54 (7608points) August 28th, 2013

I have a MacBook White from 2009. My warranted has expired so I need to do the work myself. I tried to search and find what I need on-line but I couldn’t find it. I am turning to my friends at Fluther for help.

I need to replace:
The Hard Drive
The Optical Drive

If you need more information please let me help you help me.

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I think that the guides from iFixit on replacing the hard drive and optical drive may be of assistance.

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@jerv excellent resource.

I have found that sometimes it is best just to consider it a total writeoff. That way you can go ahead and do the repairs/replacements you need and if it doesn’t work, well, Ce’ la vie. I can tell you that I was not impressed with my options for replacement of the hard drive. On a macbook, it is extremely hard to find a way to add much more than you already have. In terms of MB or TB I mean.

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Buy a real (PC) computer.

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So I can have a million viruses? No thanks.

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@simone54 Given how few viruses I’ve had in decades of PC use, and the ease of protecting a system effectively (mostly, just refrain from being stupid), I can tell that you believe marketing hype over reality. I’ve had infected Macs before too.

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@jerv True, but since I have it I have only had one on my Mac and uncountable on my PC’s (I have one at home and there are three at work; one of which cannot be used to access the internet at this time because of some kind of infection). And, while I cannot say that they are used exclusively on work related websites (I am typing this on one) the vast majority of the time they are.

I will say that the one I have using Ubuntu/Firefox has had far fewer than the Microsoft/Explorer ones but to be fair, it gets used less because folks are more familiar with Microsoft/Explorer.

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@rojo Internet Explorer is the cause of many infections, in part because ActiveX allows the browser to do deep, system-level things without even notifying the user. As for Ubuntu, if memory serves, there’s only been one true virus for Linux so far. Of course, that excludes Trojans that dupe the naive into infecting themselves, something no OS is immune to. Running IE, or running a Linux box as Root is implied consent to allow anyone who comes along to do whatever they want to your machine.
FYI, I’ve only ever had two infections; once on a Mac, and once on WinXP. Not bad for 33 years!

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Damn! Thems good stats @jerv !

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