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How long does an average house fly live?

Asked by chutterhanban (1020points) June 20th, 2008

and does it live any longer when on a diet?

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20 to 30 days

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Ditto to Seesuls answer.
My 2nd answer: Too long.

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About five minutes after I find my fly swatter! LOL!

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Dab a litte nail polish on one fly toe and then you can discover when he croaks.

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Actually, gail, you’re not far off on that one. Back during the California Mediterranean fruit fly problem, I took my then four year old up to an insect display at a park in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Downstairs, they had a traveling insect zoo and experts to answer questions. Upstairs, they had a special Med-fly exhibit on how they were dealing with the problem. It was a nice Saturday and my husband asked the government expert that was handling the display how he ended up working a weekend like that. His answer was: “I had a choice, spend the week in a dark room, looking under a microscope, painting dots on sterile Med-flies, or answering questions here, so I chose the better of the two”.

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But gail, if frog eats him/her and croaks, then how will they ever know? Kind of like that tree falls in a forest question, isn’t it?

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Frog? Frog? where did he come from? That would taint the experiment, I guess.

And after the teeth-whitening episode. do I dare assume that part II (“does it live any longer when on a diet?”) is serious? Which diet; Atkin’s; Ornish; South Beach or is it South Park?

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