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Should I keep the iPhone?

Asked by susanc (16134points) June 20th, 2008

I just inherited an iPhone. I never wanted one. It won’t cost me anything except a huge upsurge in my wireless bill to switch to it. But why should I? I never text, and i can SEE what the weather’s going to be….

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it says it all in your topics- sell it and why bother? If you don’t need one, you don’t. Plus you’re going to have to pay more for features you won’t use.

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My roomate didn’t think he would use all the features and so he wanted an iPod touch. That is, untill he saw my iPhone. If you don’t think you’ll like/want/need it, then sell it. Then you got some sweet dough to spend on whatever you want.

Just for the record though, iPhones RULE!

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I agree with randy! They do rule. But I’m
still trying to get over the fact that the new ones are going to be so cheap compared to how much I paid! :(

But yeah, if the only interesting feature to you is seeing what the weather would be, then I don’t think you’d want one. But who knows, maybe you will? Okay I’m rambling.

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The iPhone has made my life so much easier with on the go access to so many things; email, stockmarket, fluther, security cameras, google, maps… I can document over $40,000.00 in profit just from having all the instant access on hand 24/7. I can’t imagine not having an iPhone on hand during my normal work hours.

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thehaight- the cost of the new iPhone will be made up and surpassed with the new increased at&t service fees. I am going to upgrade anyhow.

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nonono thehaight, the new iphone is not cheaper by any means O2 a british company is giving them out for free for a service plan, sounds great right? Lets just say that service plan is about 1,200$ or something near that yearly.

Some random store I heard about is selling iphones unlocked since they don’t have AT&T, or whatever company apple is with there; the new 3Gs cost around $800 base price.

@susanc; upsurge in your wireless bill? Do you mean you don’t have your own internet, or .. what? Sorry I just don’t know who at home ‘pays’ for wireless when all you have to have is a router and a ground wire cable or dsl or whatever it may be.

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I am an iPhone user and I have to be. It is now the phone that my work uses. I do have to say that I don’t get the hype that is surrounded by the iPhone. It still lacks in so many features aside from Internet use.

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@Susanc: I am with you. A very nice life is possible without the iPhone.. Paint the roses or blackberries or seals or boats in the harbor. Write your memoirs; tease your cat.

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@XCNuse: I mean my AT&T bill.
I’m using a satellite dish for my internet service because dial-up is my only other option here.
@gail: Painted my way through my misspent youth. Hoping for something more connected.

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Audit a course at Evergreen in a subject about which you know nothing?

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