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Good free photo editing software?

Asked by fortris (680points) June 20th, 2008

Something sililar to fireworks prefferably. With the ability to make animated GIFs. For windows Vista or lower.

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GIMP is an open source program that is supposed to be equivalent to photoshop more or less

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I have it, and it isn’t like photoshop. It has no pointer which makes it more complicated than it needs to be (I downloaded it)

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i use photoshop but i have coworkers who swear by it, i never used it personally

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cant argue with the price though

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This is a web based app for creating animated gif’s

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I personaly use fireworks, but can’t afford to pay $400 for it.

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for freeware gimp is all i hear about (or heck, even serious photoshoppers use it when they’re away from their computer since gimp is easily a portable app [])

gimp is definitely the best thing out there for freeware;
software i’ve used was first paint (back.. when photo software like wasn’t even around lol), then Corel 7 back like 5 or 6 years ago, then Paint Shop Pro 7, then 8, now 9 (but i only use PSP for like graphics paint rendering), and now I use photoshop CS3

seriously though, a forum I visit, if people dont want to pay, i’ve heard plenty of good things about gimp, and seen some stunning stuff from it.

I don’t know if it does animation gifs maybe, dunno

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I gave in and bought an old version of fireworks, and have gimp too.

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On a related note get the portable version of Gimp here:

Portable applications do not need to be installed, and can run from USB keys etc. I cannot praise portable (or virtualized, standalone) apps. enough. I may use 50 different applications once in a while, but if I installed them all they would seriously bog down my system.

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Go to:!!!

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you should check out a.viary. it is a fantastic web-based imaging app.

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I would highly recommend GimpShop which gives gimp a more photoshop feel and also, paint.NET is pretty nifty however i don’t believe paint.NET supports animated gifs….

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if you have or get Open Office, it has image processing capabilities. Not very advanced, but easy to use and meets the needs of most users.

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@drhat77 Is there Open Office for Mac?

EDIT: Nevermind. I found this:

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not.. directly, but they are porting it (open office is)

check this out:

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Thanks I will try it. I think the other way could have worked also.

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ha i always miss the subtext (in real life as well as fluther)
microsoft makes a free animated GIF program. go to for lots of good free ware

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@drhat77 Yeah. I know about that one but is there one for Mac?

EDIT: I think I found it –

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GIMP & Paint.Net

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