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What is your favorite color? And why?

Asked by mager (1points) July 8th, 2007

I want to know cuz I am color blind.

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blue - because its lively

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no one favorite --- many i really like, many favorites you could say, often depending on the exact shade (in other words, not "green" on a whole, but some kinds of green). favorites that come to mind at the moment: brown (rich chocolate-y brown), bright blood/cherry red, deep indigo (true blue/purple mix, like a late evening sky or irises), amber/caramel/golden brown (like amber or the hair color), the color of red mahogany wood, turquoise, ........ actually, this is a long list. interesting question - what kind of colorblind are you? in other words, how do you perceive colors?

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sage green because it makes me feel calm.

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Thinking out loud on this one, but this is an interesting question because people are responding with how colors make them feel, which is a stimulus that may be absent for the color blind, and blind, in general. While how things make people feel is subjective, it would be kind of interesting to have a machine that generates other sensory inputs to simulate colors, so that the visually impaired can experience it on another level. Or maybe there already is one. Or maybe that's impossible.


*scratches head*

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Green. It's the color of the eyes of the woman I love. As long as I could see that color, I'm happy.

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Call me boring, call me a liar (since 2 of my favorite colors aren't even technically colors), but I love black and white, and I often use grey as my "color" substitute. Really, though, I find those colors to be perfectly versatile and classic, but ALWAYS with a truly bright and vibrant shot of turquoise, melon, red, or some other surprise accent shade.

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blue because it can be sedatively smooth and solid at the same time.

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