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What do you think is the number best online game?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) June 21st, 2008

I play counter-strike. its HUGE, but its kind of old so people dont give it as much credit….theres more people playing this game than some 360 games. But other than that what other online games are good?

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my boyfriend plays Americas Army, have you tried that game?

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how much time does he spend on it a day? is it up to the point where you hate computers all together? When i was still with my ex there was not a day where i wouldnt play this game and she HATED it.

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He never seems to get sick of it, I guess because the update it all the time and add new servers and maps, he probably plays it for at least an hour everyday during the week but on the weekends, if our son is staying over at grandmas, then my boyfriend will play Americas army for hours . LOL I can hear the gun shots in the game right now actually….
it doesn’t bother me anymore because we have 3 computers ( with 42” flat screen tv’s as monitors) so if he is playing on one computer I can just use one of others in another room…...

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I really like Heli Attack 2. It’s the shiz.

edit: Just the game, no stupid website around it: link

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I just found the coolest online pictionary-like game. Definitely give it a try. It’s free.

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If your going by statistics and time logged, my guess would be World of Warcraft. If your looking for a time waster, there you go.

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Call of Duty 4 is a great online game. The only problem is the people playing are really good

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call of duty 4 and team fortress 2 are the best online games, imo. However, I was addicted to counter strike source for a long time too…. Until I got cod4 and tf2. But yeah, css was amazing, I played almost everyday, and I got way too damn good at it. My gf at the time got really pissed at me for playing so much, and said I should spend time with her, even though I hung out with her everyday for hours. And then I convinced her to play it and she got addicted too and kept asking to use my computer to play it… turned that argument around. Anyway, I feel guilty playing that much video games, so I try to tone it down and find something productive to do.

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Guild Wars, Battlefield 2142 and all the other BF series.
All are fab ;]

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I personally like World of Warcraft myself.
I have been playing online games for many years, and I believe that WoW is very well built. WoW caters to its players by providing a solid system for questing, leveling, exploring, grouping with other players, and more.
Even now, WoW constantly updates to bring more utilities to its players such as built-in voice chat, a sleek UI, and an application specifically for players to find other players for groups.
Blizzard, the makers of WoW, also care (and act) to stop cheaters and gold spammers. This is a BIG deal to me since I have left mmorpgs in the past because of rampant cheaters that no longer made the games fun.

WoW also has a huge community, so you are pretty much guaranteed to meet someone you can talk to. Sure, there are the general online jerks, but the real world has jerks too. I have met many people online that I chat with every chance I get.

Many people complain about WoW, but I still believe that it is the best mmorpg out there mainly due to the attention that is put into the game and its players by Blizzard.

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I’d suggest… Runescape? lol, i was into it for like.. half a year, then i just got bored. but it was fun while it lasted. :P

That’s the only online RPG game and first one that i’ve ever played. Kinda old, but i hear PVP is coming back, so i might start playing it again. (player vs player) ;)
haha, since it was the first online game i ever played, i was really into it.

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