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Does anyone know the name of this movie?

Asked by gilgamesh (227points) June 21st, 2008

I just watched ” A beautiful Mind”, which starred Russel Crowe. Now I remember a long time ago i watched a similar movie about a brilliant man and how he later succumbs to a brain tumor and dies at the end of the movie. I remember one scene in the movie in which he learns a whole language on a car ride to some place reading only a dictionary

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P.S. I Love You? The guy dies in the end of a brain tumor.

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no it’s not those two, more of a 90’s movie i think

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It is Phenomenon

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Did the guy have “special powers” also?

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It was up in the air in the end, but from memory I think he could move objects with his mind.

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If he had special powers, then yeah, it was phenomenon. John Travolta had to learn Portugese or Spanish to help save a sick woman.

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Yeah it’s PHENOMENON!!!

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yes that’s one the one thank you so much

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