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Do Scotsmen wear anything under their kilts?

Asked by nagilum (92points) June 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I heard that they don’t wear underwear. Is that true? When Prince Charles wears his kilts is he “commando” or not?

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Here’s your answer.

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The real question should be Why do Scotsmen wear kilts at all?
The answer is Sheep can hear zippers.

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I was going to say their birthday suits, but after AC’s answer, it isn’t worthy. Speaking of Chuck’s, I would think HRH would wear something under his, as to avoid a situation as shown on the video.

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I would think so too. What, with the royal jewels and all.

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Nuts to that AC.
“Charles I was interested in using the crown jewels to make purchases on credit and for earning money, so he kept very careful records and did a lot of negotiating”.
...and here is his inventory to prove it!

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Charles I had more important things to worry about than his royal crown jewels. Like, the head the crown sat upon.

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Obviously he was distracted.

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I wear boxer shorts under my kilt, because I’ve had friends who have had their kilts lifted by other friends ‘as a joke’ to see if they were ‘true scotsmen’ and have, embarassingly, been so!

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of course, boxers don’t have zippers, either

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no, boxers have right hooks.

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Your racialism astounds me.

Besides, everyone knows that’s a prediliction the welsh are famous for…

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???so are you inferring that the Welsh are a cheeky lot?

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The Scots are a race?

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Yeah. They race toward the sheep.
in case anyone wonders, I am part Scot. Not that that makes my comments okay, ‘tho.

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It is only racism if 1) all Scotsmen wore kilts or 2) all kiltsmen didn’t wear underwear.

Here’s what Michael Flanders and Donald Swann said about them in a song called:The English

The Scotsman is mean as we’re all well aware
He’s boney and blotchy and covered with hair
He eats salty porridge, he works all the day
And hasn’t got bishops to show him the way.

The Welshman’s dishonest, he cheats when he can
He’s little and dark more like monkey than man
He works underground with a lamp on his hat
And sings far too loud, far too often and flat.

Ah, iechyd da

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That’s lovely. I want to see that on a headstone.

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Best to hear or read the entire song. The first line is,“The English, the English are best; I wouldn’t give tuppence for all of the rest.” They attack the Irish, the Americans and most everyone else. Clever guys: RIP.

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Not only sheep, AC, great coooooows

And I ask this in ALL seriousness: Doesn’t it get itchy otherwise?

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I also wear boxers under my kilt. But when people ask what I have on under, I ask them if they wanna go find out.

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Your bag and pipe?

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Nope, I have a picture to prove it!

I don’t understand how a guy can stand in public free ballin’ it… I could never do a skirt without some sort of barrier/protection…


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I hate that attitude from a woman.

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Hee Hee… nice!

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All i can say is that in my travels throughout many hotels in scotland, ive seen some kilt-based sights that will live with me till my dying day!

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I usually don’t (wear underwear that is). Except in the highland games, that hammer toss tends to lift the kilt.

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The answer is, sometimes they wear jock straps but traditionally nothing at all. The English don’t wear kilts as they don’t have anything worth showing off

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