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Transfer contacts to new iPhone?

Asked by jetpilot8 (50points) June 21st, 2008

Does anyone know if there will be / is currently a way to not only transfer your current contacts but the photos associated with those contacts to a new iPhone? I plan to switch to the new iPhone when its released in July and I will hate it if I have to lose all of my contacts photos in the process. I have all of my contacts backed up of course (to a Yahoo account) but I don’t think that has the contacts photo’s.

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When you activate your new iPhone and sync, then everything on your old iPhone should be on your new one. Provided you sync your old iPhone with iTunes before you sync you new iPhone, that is.

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Ask someone at an Apple store if your not sure. Also I am pretty sure AstroChuck’s suggestion will work.

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just to double check see if you can bluetooth the photos to your computer or something or take them off via the usb to dock for your iphone plugged into your computer and see if you can find them

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I had problems with my old iPhone and took it into the Apple store and they replaced it with another. I did as I explained earlier and now this iPhone has. The same info as the other. The only thing I had to do was reenter in wep codes for the secured wifi spots.

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Great news / help! Thanks everyone for your input!

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Hi, i used free application. Works fine, transfering whole contacts list.

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Try iNoki on the iPhone appstore:

All your contacts, SMS, calendar, videos, audios, photos can be transfered from nokia phone to iPhone.

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