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Am I the only one who watches Soul Train?

Asked by playthebanjo (2944points) June 21st, 2008

I can’t get enough of the fashions and how “into it” the dancers are. Somehow I think with all of our iPhones and WIFI and stem cell research and all the things that make living in 2008 what it is, we have lost a lot of what it was to “cut loose”. No one is more free than a Soul Train dancer. Except maybe Don Cornelius. Will anyone else admit to being a fan of Soul Train?

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So far it appears so…

1hr at the moment

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That would explain why this was one of the few questions never asked on Fluther.

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Probably not the only one, or it would not be on the air. Possibly the only one who will admit to it, though.

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I just can’t get enough of that funky stuff.

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I’ve been recording the classic episodes that are airing here on Saturday mornings. Are they still broadcasting new episodes?

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not that I know of. The classic one was on when I first posted.

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Every now and then when I find myself wide awake in the middle of the night and I am watching TV I will flip and for some reason stay on that show for longer than anyone ever should.

They are usually the really old episodes with the “groovey” outfits, lip syncing performances and the scramble board that isn’t really scrambled! ;)

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I always liked that wild intro—“Soooooooooooooul Traaaaaaain!!!” . That was the best part.

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