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What about using an entire box of Crest Whitestrips in a day?

Asked by MisterBlueSky85 (892points) June 21st, 2008

Would it be harmful to go through an entire box of whitestrips in a single day if I brush with an enamel strengthening toothpaste and drinking plenty of milk throughout my experiment?

The goal would be to freak out my friends with super bright teeth. Freak-ay.

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Perhaps get a better hobby or change friends?

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why not freak them out in a different way?

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Thank you, gailcalled. That was very helpful.


If this started hurting or my teeth started to get too white, I’d obviously stop, but I want to know if there’s any serious risk or unforeseeable consequences. I’ve used whiteners before so I know that the whiteness fades away eventually, so it’s not permanent.

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Your head would explode. The upside is that your skull will be as white as ever.

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Using any product on any part of the body and ignoring the instructions is not a good idea, but that seemed too obvious to send.

It may well be that by the time you noticed anything, it would be too late.

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You will most likely burn out your gums. Not a pretty site or feeling. When they do the super whitening at the dentist, they put a protective coating over your gums so that won’t happen. They also watch the process closely and see the progress on your enamel. Once it’s gone, that’s it. It will also cause your teeth (if you have any left) to be super sensitive. The whiteness fades away because the foods you eat coat and stain them. It’s not even a good idea to use the strips repeatedly without having your dentist check the progress.

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Seesul, you’re no fun. I want to see what happens.

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Yes, me too, especially if your theory is true. That would be much more fun than my theory, messy as it would be. I read your answer out loud and you should have heard the laughter up your way. Maybe it’s just his weekly drunken fluther day and he will ignore my answer, granting you your wish.

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“There are no stupid questions, just stupid people.”
—Mr. Garrison, “South Park”

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Umm, yeah…

You do realize that you just called yourself stupid, right?

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Let me break this down so everyone understands what went wrong with this topic.


”-” means bad job, ”+” means good job, kay?


- gailcalled gets the first award for considering an obviously playful and foolish topic with a closed mind. “Perhaps get a better hobby or change friends?” adds nothing to this discussion and sets the tone for similar attitudes. It’s good to make jokes, of course, but it’s bad to joke at someone else’s expense, especially as the first post in that person’s topic. I “wow“ed at this one.

- playthebanjo then cannot help but greet the topic with the same seriousness that gailcalled employed, so I guess I can’t blame him/her too much.

+ points to AstroChuck for “getting it.” Congrats.

- Again, gailcalled imparts her incredible wisdom by stating two obvious reactions, one even so obvious that she almost didn’t type it (by her own admission).

+ Seesul plays along a little, so points to him. He’s the only person so far to actually answer my question. Thank you.

+ AstroChuck keeps the playful banter alive. I like it.

+ / – Seesul seems to be writing an enjoyable response, but that’s until (s)he references a single post of mine as something habitual to be insulting. That’s no fun for me, so I feel mixed about this one.

I’ll ignore analyzing my own post (again) because it’s my own, but it’s pretty obvious that I’m joking.

- ...except to Eambos, who, being dumb as a chair, doesn’t understand.

+ Seesul’s back on it with a picture that’s meant as a gag. This kind of attitude would have been nice from the start.


Now ask yourself: Is this a fun response? Is it fun to call out people and insult them in front of everyone? No, right?


This was supposed to be a playful fucking topic, and instead I’m ridiculed for no damn reason in four of the nine responses – almost HALF.

And then we wonder why people leave this site, why people feel disrespect or factions forming. We wonder why the same topics keep surfacing while the fun thought experiments are rare nowadays.

Wonder no more.

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Dude, ease up a bit. You are taking the fun out of everything.

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Perhaps you were ridiculed for posting a bogus question and therefore were taken as a person with no common sense whatsoever. Makes me wonder whether you really posted this question as a “testing ground” or you were covering up and really intended the question asked. Either way, you are the one insulting and treating people badly in your last response. You state that it was supposed to be a playful, fun topic, but then can’t go along with your own so-called joke. Nice. Point the finger back at yourself, instead of insulting everyone else.

Don’t yell at people not to treat you a certain way, when you started off by treating the entire collective that way in the first place.

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You sound like you spend lots of money on whitening products. Why not just get porcelain veneers?

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If it was ok to use them all in one day they would tell you. The directions are there for a reason!

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sounds like something the mythbusters should bust. Post it on their website! That way, we’ll let it show up in the tv biz and you don’t have to risk your own teeth and watch jamie and Adam risk theirs! LOL have fun either way.

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MBS, I think your response is a little over the top.

Your question was manipulative – you posted it with the intent of getting a very specific response, and then when you didn’t get it, you chose to insult and criticize a bunch of people who in earnest, were either trying to help you or didn’t pick up on the tone. It’s a question – on a question and answer web site….? Pick your battles, man.

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From Lehigh Valley Hospital:

Q: How effective are over-the-counter products?

A: Make sure the product you choose has the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval and follow the manufacturer’s directions. Many people get good results with the Crest White Strips. These treatments usually last about three months. These products contain mild concentrations of bleaching agents and work best for mildly yellow teeth. If you have very yellow teeth, then you will likely need professional-type whitening. I do not recommend the kits with generic, ‘one size fits all’ trays because your gums may come in contact with the bleaching agent and become irritated.
Q: Are there any harmful side effects?

A: The most common side effects are tooth sensitivity and irritation to gum tissue, which usually stop after treatment is finished. Whitening is not recommended for people with overly-sensitive teeth or lots of gum recession (exposed roots). Have your teeth examined and take care of any problems before starting a whitening process. Over-using whitening products, while resulting in unnaturally white smiles, is probably not permanently harmful.

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@All Look, I like and am guilty of a good quip myself. Do not the Fluther rules state, however, that smart alecky answers are not to be posted until serious answers have been given to a question? The questions are not for others to score with points off of. If you think a question is dumb, just don’t respond to it.

I think a couple of you owe MisterBlueSky85 an apology.

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With all due respect, Marina, The first thing stated in the Fluther guidelines is:
“Fluther is a collective of people sharing answers, insights, and advice. Please respect the time and energy of the people in the community”.

Going by that statement, I think it is the other way around, Mr.BS85 owes the collective an apology for purposefully wasting our time and energy by so “elegantly” posting and I quote:“This was supposed to be a playful fucking topic”. He admits it was a joke on his part, and then condemns answers given in that light, and, in addition, calls everyone stupid and Eeambos “dumb as a chair”. He tops it off by complaining about not having enough “fun experiments”. How can we take anything he asks seriously again after his cruel trick and venting? Whose time was wasted?

Even after this, people are still giving serious answers to what he states was just having fun.

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@Seesul I disagree. Here is a quote from his first response to the initial quips (no serious answer was given yet). “If this started hurting or my teeth started to get too white, I’d obviously stop, but I want to know if there’s any serious risk or unforeseeable consequences.” Only after that did he become defensive and sarcastic with his long response, and I am not sure I blame him.

Your time as potential answerer is never wasted. If you don’t like a question, you just don’t have to answer it.

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Since I am the most guilty party, my only defense is this: part of the subtext of his original question: The goal would be to freak out my friends with super bright teeth. Freak-ay.”

Does that bode well for a serious discussion about a product that comes with clear instructions and warnings? (I will now cut off my right hand.)

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I don’t buy it. He also stated that he had used the product before. The strips come with specific directions and warnings. He shouldn’t be using it without reading them. It’s also no excuse to use profanities or lie.

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AC said:
“Your head would explode. The upside is that your skull will be as white as ever.” And this is the answer that MBS 85 admires and accepts as “getting it?” And then he whines?

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then again guys, who really does read the instructions and warnings on product packaging? Most ppl go and use the product based on what the commercial tells you to do. I agree with gailcalled 2 statements ago. That’s just my 2 cents…

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@Dingus; true but if you decided to use, say, twenty x the recommended dosage of product, might you not have a peek at the package?

Personally, I tend to never buy a product that is hyped on TV.

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But TV is a total good! It would never lie to us, gail.

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I never put anything on my personal self without thoroughly reading the warnings and directions….call me silly, but I actually am quite picky about that. I don’t think fluther was intended to be a substitute for common sense, especially when something is clearly worded on the box. I don’t go about doing things to freak out my “friends” either. I have enough self esteem and worth not to need that, perhaps someone should work on that aspect of his image rather than his teeth or taking others for a ride so he can get his jollies.

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Seesul, you’re silly.
You told me to call you that.

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…and with that, AC, I’m back in a silly, yet good mood, thanks, Mr. Postman. Keep it up.
I sent a thunderstorm your way, did you get it?

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Sorry. Nuttin’ but blue skies.

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@See: bad directions. It is on its way here (12165 – NY)

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gail, why did I think you were in MA?

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I am near the MA border -E. New York and W. MA are the Berkshires and essentially the same – lots of to-ing and fro-ing. My mother is in a staged care facility in Lenox, MA., home of famous summer music, dance, theatre and Shakespeare festivals, not to mention Indi movies, jazz, sculpture gardens, art galleries, wonderful restaurants and too many people (from Mem. to Labor Day).

I can put my car on autopilot and it will drive itself to MA.

And I can’t get anywhere from here without a 30 minute drive. Recent trip to vet was 1hr 20 minutes round-trip and 44 miles.

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Just remember what Soupy Sales once said!

AstroChuck's avatar

Oh yeah.
“Be true to your teeth, and they won’t be false to you.”

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…and they won’t be like the stars and come out at night.

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I was enjoying this question…and suddenly…buzzkill. I think the Urban Dictionary is an appropriate source for this one.
Also, the Wiccan “An it harm none, do what thou wilt” seems to apply. Have fun with your enamel.

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Ooh. Quoting the Wiccan Rede! Now you’re scaring me!

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