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I ask you is there a word like amphibous that describes an animal that swim and fly?

Asked by VanBantam (161points) June 21st, 2008

Ok so the word amphibious basicly refers to animal that swim and walk on land. Is there a word that describes an animal that swims and flys?

Background: A friend saw a school of Herring being herded by sevral Cormorants. As the Harin tried to escape the Cormorants would fly to the other side of the school and scare the fish back into the pack. Pretty awsome.

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Aquatic Bird, Flying Fish.

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aeroaquatic ;)

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There are birds that dive and swim, but live primarily on land and fish that leap (“fly), but live wholly in water. It is not the same as amphibians, which live during some stages of their life cycle in water and some as land animals, so there has been no need for a word such as you describe.

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the thing about an animal that would swim and fly is that it wouldnt make sense. because if an animal flies then it automatically is a land animal because i dont know of any animal that flies and then resides mainly in the water. even aquatic birds, like swans live mainly on land

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What about Canada geese; they fly from pond to pond here, even when they are not migrating. Can you define a bird as an animal? I don’t know much about formal zoology.

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I don’t think there is a word, but i vote we go with Breefield and start using aeroaquatic until it is accepted into the lexicon.

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