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Here we go again! Need ideas on how to earn a quick couple hundred bucks today!

Asked by cd7301 (61points) June 21st, 2008 from iPhone


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Um, donate some fluids? Some kind of performance art in a well-trafficked area? Got anything you could sell or pawn? Big ol’ bake sale? Car wash? That’s about all I’ve got for the moment. Good luck!

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Sell your body.

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Craig’s List, Craig’s List, Craig’s List.

Do you have a food handler’s permit? Go onto “gigs” and see if they’re looking for someone to staff an event tonight. Also check under that entire section for shifts at convention booths or dog-walking. You’d be amazed at how fast you can find opportunities.

The other thing to do is sell a piece of furniture, clean out your closet and hit Buffalo Exchange. Although you may not net a lot individually, it all could add up incrementally.

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Does it need to be TODAY? Sell things on eBay. You could probably make a couple hundred bucks within the week. Or, if you put things up for BuyItNow!, maybe it could be today!

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You can get loans for your car title or payday loans. There is almost more of these places than banks in Tennessee. Of course the interest is huge. It is legalized loan-sharking. You will get some money though provided you own a running vehicle or have a job thats on the books.

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hustle that alternative medicine

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Have you learned nothing, Grasshopper, from three months ago?

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creepy jerk!

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Got a ski mask?

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shawnlxc, once when I was 18 and lived by the projects there was a guy named “Dude” that offered to roll some money for me. I guess invest in his pharmacutical business, I passed on it and tried to convince him to quit too…

Didn’t work. I think he is in prison (no, he did not get the death penalty, but he probably contributed to the death of many other people by supplying them with drugs including his own father who died of AIDS. – needles.)

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