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What are some good music festivals appropriate for toddlers?

Asked by clutter (12points) July 8th, 2007

Looking to have lots of summer fun with my 2 year old who loves music, any suggestions?

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Any christian music festival would most likely be the place to go. Where are you from? There's always a bunch during the summer, in a lot of different places!

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Keep the kid away from the stage. Young ears can be very easily damaged by loud music.

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I don't know where you live, but The Laurie Berkner Band is a great live show for little kids. Their concert dates are listed here:

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a lot of mainstream festivals have "family camping areas," and sometimes they have children's stages too. where do you live??

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Sorry, I forgot to mention we live in the San Fransisco Bay Area. We are definitely willing drive a ways out of the Bay to find some fun though. Thanks for all of the info so far!

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check out pickathon outside of portland. it's a really nice festival, and it's on a farm so there's lots of room to run around.

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Strawberry Music Festival in Yosemite. Super family-friendly. Car camping, with lots of kiosks to buy hot food so you don't have to cook it all yourself.

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I remember as a kid in the city going to many festivals in Golden Gate Park - Shakespeare in the Park, Opera in the Park, the parties after the races (like Bay to Breakers), events in the music concourse (at the de Young), etc.... You could check on these -- even though not specifically music festivals, there's often music, and many are geared toward families with young kids. Also Stern Grove in the Sunset has concerts every Sunday at 2 all summer. I don't know exactly about appropriateness for toddlers, but just some ideas. For warmer weather, head to Berkeley, San Rafael / Santa Rosa / etc, or down the peninsula. For instance, San Rafael has a street painting festival every year (it was in June) -- they're *gorgeous*, kid-friendly, and I'm sure there's live music all day.

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Thanks everyone! These are all great ideas and I hope to get to as many as possible! We went to a festival called Worldfest this weekend and it was a blast! Musicians from all over the world, camping under the stars, great food, lots of fun......

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