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Is there checkpoints on the statelines where you live?

Asked by buster (10244points) June 21st, 2008

I saw a question earlier saying there are checkpoints checking for plants entering California from Oregon. Do they do this all the way around California? Do other states have checkpoints? I have only heard of D.U.I. checkpoints.

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The agricultural inspection stations are all over California near various entry points from Nevada and Arizona, as well as Oregon. It’s always several miles into the state, not on the border. Weird.
Of course, there is a check point entering the country from Mexico.

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Who works the Cali checkpoints?

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I have never seen a check point where I live (NJ). But I guess some states would have them. It is probably a state choice thing.

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State Dept. Of Agriculture, I suppose. US customs and border patrol at Mexican/US entries.

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There are agricultural checkpoints in Florida, but right now they only chck commercial trucking.

Also Arizona according to this: “There will be an Arizona Dept of Agricultural Inspection checkpoint just inside the border on all highways, Some require all vehicles to stop, others only require (commercial) trucks to stop. On Interstate 10 it is about 1 mile after you cross the Colorado River bridge.”

Hawaii also has them, but obviously at airports not highways.

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Why not at the highways? Hawaii does have interstates, you know. I plan on driving there this August.

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@AstroChuck Will your submersible require that you wear a helmet inside?

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I can drive in any direction in NY but North. I bump into Canadian customs then. VT, MA, CT, PA, NJ object to nothing.

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Two weeks ago I drove from Idaho to New York. I went through Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. There were no checkpoints.

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No checkpoints in Louisiana for anything, but drinking and driving. This has always amazed me in a state with drive through daquiri stands? They also announce on the local news and newspaper exactly when and where and what time they will be checking several times for days in advance. You would have to be a total idiot to get caught!

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Wasn’t there an old Woody Allen movie in which there was a convention of village idiots?

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Arizona has Border Patrol checkpoints every few hundred miles… they seem to pop up in the oddest places. It’s nice if you’re driving a long distance, esp. at night, to talk to somebody in the middle of nowhere. Wakes you up.
Probably not as nice for drug users and human traffickers.

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@gailcalled When Woody Allen had the Florshiems in their moose costume tied to his hood, would he have had to stop at the agricultural checkpoint?

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