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Where are the "B" batteries?

Asked by AstroChuck (37368points) June 21st, 2008 from iPhone

In my closet I have A, AA, AAA, C, & D batteries, but no B. What gives?
That reminds me, all out of 9-volts. Time to hit Costco.

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I’ve always wondered that too.

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And I demand CC, CCC, DD, and DDD batteries, as well!

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I must be in the dark, but I’ve never heard of single A batteries. Are they larger or smaller than AA?

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Good point. I lied. No single A batteries in my closet. I’ll go stand in the corner.

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Now I am pissed! I demand to know where my A batteries are too!

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In answer to the original question- a B battery is a dry cell:

B Battery
A type of battery used in older vacuum tube-based radios to provide power for the tube plates and screens, in situations where alternating current (AC) power was either unavailable or undesirable. Its use gave rise to the term “B+”, to denote the plate and screen voltage in a radio receiver.

B batteries were available in standard voltage ratings of 22½, 45, 90, or 135 volts. The battery itself was made up of a number of 1.5-volt cells (smaller versions of the usual “flashlight” battery), housed in a container, to produce the required voltage: 15 for the 22½ -volt battery, 30 for the 45-volt, 60 for the 90-volt, and 90 for the 135-volt. In typical receiver service, the life of a B battery was dependent on many factors: efficiency of the tube types used in the receiver, hours of usage by the consumer, and the quality of the battery itself. Even so, battery life was generally measured in months and the radio listener could, with care, expect reasonable service from the receiver.

Until the advent of AC-powered radios in the late 1920s, almost every receiving set obtainable required battery power. After AC sets became commonplace, battery power was relegated to use in farm radios designed for areas without AC service, and in portable radios. Starting in the 1950s, the B battery disappeared from use with the coming of transistor radios that required neither plate nor filament voltages. Higher-voltage batteries are still available today, but are used mainly in photographic and alarm-system applications. From the web.

Now I have no idea about the A battery.

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AC Are you sure you weren’t demanding the larger sizes in something else and just being a gentleman since I am here?

An “A” battery is a vacuum tube battery, so I’m sure you had them around your house back before “Leave it to Beaver” was in re-runs. A battery

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Me, a gentleman? Surely you don’t believe everything in my profile, right?

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No, but I expect you to live up to it, nevertheless…or you won’t be getting a visit from the tooth fairy, Mr. Claus or the rabbit that delivers chocolate in the Springtime.

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As long as the Great Pumpkin does’nt miss my house this Halloween.

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You have a battery collection in your closet? That’s pretty rad. Do you have any P batteries?

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The Great Pumpkin, doesn’t go door to door, silly, you have to go out to the Pumpkin Patch and wait for him. He doesn’t deliver.

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Maybe in your neighborhood, he does’nt.

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I’m just going by the ultimate word of two other Chucks, Chuck. Mr. Shulz and Mr. Brown. I go to the source for my info, I don’t Snoop(y) around.

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There are no B Batteries because when you asked someone about them, it just sounds like you are studdering. “Do you have any B Batteries? Where are the B Batteries?”

Thanks Demitri Martin.

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There are plenty of A batteries… A76 for example. They’re the button cells. At least in Australia anyway. Demetri Martin explains all about the B batteries, at approximately 2 minutes 30. Sorry about the actual video, I couldn’t find the one with the proper footage, but it’s funny to listen to.

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Ohh haha nice timing simone :P

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@Doq I’m going to have to save that answer for the day I just KNOW! my kids will ask that question.

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@simone54 yea but people from the middle east still have problems with D batteries. “Excuse me where are d batteries?”

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Ugh. Can you take away lurve for bad puns? What am I saying? I would be in negative numbers!

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