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Guys and girls: What do find attractive in the opposite sex, (or same sex if that's what you prefer)

Asked by 15barcam (756points) September 8th, 2013

Both personality and physical appearance! Feel free to be descriptive. I know everyone has different tastes, and I’m just curious to see what different people are attracted to!
For example: I find it extremely attractive when a guy is smart and really nice. I’ve always been a little more attracted to shy guys, but not so shy that they won’t talk to you. Outgoing guys are awesome too as long as they are nice! Physically, I tend to be drawn towards guys with brown hair and don’t usually care what color eyes. Strong but not overly muscular guys are attractive. I like it when guys are taller than me, but that’s not hard since I’m five four.

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She would have to like gaming. I like a good laugh too but I’d also want someone I can talk to about issues and things that way. Being a Libertarian is a plus but being 3rd party is very important. I won’t be with anyone who professes to be a Democrat or a Republican because I’ll immediately question their intelligence. I’d like someone with the same interests and hobbies. That sort of thing. As far as psychical appearance, I tend to gravitate towards bigger women.

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I’ve learned I don’t have a physical type. I like intelligence, sweetness, sense of humor, love of life, and some steel in their character. Other than that good hygiene, a pulse, and a willingness to kick my ass when I need it. That’ll do it for me.

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I don’t really have a preference in looks, just whatever feels right when it comes along. I do like someone that is funny. I also tend to like the akward type of guys. I want someone who isn’t afraid to come up to me and talk and want to get to know me, but I do however have a problem when guys come over and state the obvious (I have a big butt and get hit on all the time for it). Also, there are places and times to hit on women. Out somewhere at a bar or club is one thing, but when they are at work just trying to make a living, it is extremely inappropriate to hit on the girl helping you and makes it very uncomfortable. Working in a men’s clothing store, unfortunately you get all kinds! :( to the guys out there, advice, don’t do that to women! lol

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Smooth skin and a bright smile. For any person.
For the opposite sex. Beautiful eyes and charm and intelligence and humor.

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I like girls with long hair, a great smile and cute eyes. I like a woman that is in shape, but I tend to focus more on personality than looks. A woman with a fun interesting personality and a great sense of humor is really attractive to me.

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A big ass.

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(disclaimer) Since I am answering what you want in no wishy-washy nebulous terms many might get offended. But to answer with some BS that tried to be PC would do a disservice to your question.

Physical attributes:
• Between 4’8” & 5’5”
• Between 105—123lb
• Toned, no cellulite of flab
• Slight six pack middle or flat stomach
• Size 5–6½ shoe size.
• 32d—34C breast firm that will pass the “pencil test” with eraser nipples.
• Natural breast without the water or plastic inserted.
• Long straight jet black hair to the lumbar region of the back.
• Long nails, acquiesce to salon nails.
• Natural beauty that needs only some mascara and lip gloss, no war paint.
• Round full bum, smooth with no dimpling or cellulite.
• Longer legs in proportion to torso.
• Young enough to push out 4 children spaced at least 2 years apart before the eggs dry up.
• No prior children.
• No piercings, less the clit, nipples, maybe bellybutton, eyebrow, and tongue—maybe. No more than three per ear.
• No tattoos, especially on the thigh, across the belly, breast, shoulders, shins, arms, neck.

un-tangible attributes
• Great support woman who puts family before self-ambition.
• Doesn’t argue.
• More loyal than a hound dog.
• Loves children
• Never had an abortion.
• Very light social drinker (wine only).
• Non-smoker
• Doesn’t do drugs, *and I mean NO DRUGS, that includes cannabis, trees, weed or whatever you want to call it.
• Respects my faith.
• Shuns bras.
• Not afraid of minis, skinny jeans, or Daisy Dukes.
• Adventurous in the marriage bed.
• Comfortable being a good soldier, no desire to vie for captain.
• Desire breastfeeding over formula.
• Loves 4–6in heels.

(Now let me lurve a lot of people up as they comment about what I like when they dare not say what they really like)

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Tall. Strong. Blue eyes. Good smile. No fat, or baldness. Not sexist. Soft spoken and funny.

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Pretty eyes, intelligent, practices personal hygiene, sense of humor, strong legs, big tits, nice firm ass, high sex drive, not lazy, great sense of adventure, doesn’t smoke, compassionate, has a job, and shares similar interests.

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The above is for the ladies. As far as guys go: dick no bigger than 8”; I like guys with a bit of muscle, not into “husky guys”; guys who are not afraid to be dominated (sexually), but like to take charge, as well; are intelligent; strong sex drive; sense of humor; not lazy; have a job; and sense of adventure is huge. I like sweet, shy guys. Not arrogant. Not sexist.

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Women or men, I find these characteristics to be attractive: a dignified but relaxed carriage of the body; an easy charm; a quick wit and sense of humor, particularly of the ridiculous; pleasant facial features. The rest is chemistry, which is not predictable.

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It would be easier to say what I’m not attracted to.

Not attracted to people who wear a “uniform” – that is, dress for their subculture. No hipsters. No ghetto gold teeth, saggy britches nonsense. No shaved head, ball capped, mossy-oak-breakup-and-wranglers stuff.

Not attracted to poorly groomed people.

Not attracted to people who use improper language. I mean, swearing is fine within reason, but I don’t want to have to translate your ebonics.

Not attracted to neck tattoos. Anywhere below the collarbone is fine, neck tats are just icky.

Not attracted to incredibly skinny people.

I want to say I’m categorically not attracted to smokers, but there is one person who drives me crazy…

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Also, since I can’t edit, no stupid people. I’m sorry, I have a very low tolerance for stupid.

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Integrity, caring, good conversationalist, interesting, responsible, respectful of others, doesn’t descriminate, dark hair (not a must have), 5’8”- 5’11” (not a must have) medium to slightly heavy build (very muscely is a turn off).

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Currently I like darker skinned. Healthy, physically fit and must be an inch taller then me at least. I would love a gluten free non gmo activist. I love slightly above average endowment not huge but 8 in is a good size and proportionately thick. I love expressive eyes I like character in the face.

I need him to be thoughtful and intelligent and sweet but also sarcastic. I want him to be involved in something he cares about. Passionate and though able to chill and relax isn’t going to head straight to the computer or video games after work. If he drinks only on occasion. Is generally tidy in appearance and at home vehicle etc. Capable of just letting things slide during particularly busy days but once its over getting everything back in place and fresh or willing to do his part. An occasional cook. Someone who notices small things and beauty. Creative and observant. Slightly independent as in allowing me some space and us doing our own things on occasion but enjoying cuddling. Tactile.

Not overly sensitive. A good communicator rational when needed.

Preferably no children and probably older then me to some degree.

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I love breasts!

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