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Why is NAACP ok but NAAWP considered HATE?

Asked by margeryred (289points) June 22nd, 2008

Self Segregation in the NAACP is widely accepted and supported by all American’s no matter what the background… it has not been banned or considered hateful, even though they discriminate on their recipients based on color.

NAAWP is considered a hate statment and is frowned upon even though this country is becoming less white by the day. Why is this okay?

(please let me clarify, I do not support David Duke or his organizations… what I mean is that the thought of whites segregating in such a way is considered evil, racist, hateful, discriminatory, etc…but it isn’t for blacks?)

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The first problem is the absolutism in this statement:

> Self Segregation in the NAACP is widely accepted and supported by
> all American’s no matter what the background

By all Americans? No matter what the background? Wow. You know all the Americans?

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I think the mission statement and vision statement of the NAACP cover it. It would only be appropriot that the NAAWP should have the same goals. And then it would be redundant.

What’s this about self segregation?

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I think the person asking the question is more or less asking why its ok for blacks to be hateful and it be “ok” but if a white person does it, its racist to the core.

Its about double standards. Why its this way, I dont have the answer.

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Last week I was at the park with my kid and there was a couple sitting maybe 10–15ft behind me, they were having a loud conversation about all the racist people they know, and about how they didn’t get a job promotion because of these racist coworkers….....(I’m sure that being in a park at 2pm in the middle of the week had nothing to do with it~)......but the whole time they were talking they were referring to white people as “fucking crackers”...........

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This is simple, people. The NAACP was founded to support the safety and full citizenship of a group which was overtly and institutionally oppressed from the moment
their ancestors were loaded onto ships in Africa. The NAAWP was founded to bitch
about the successes achieved against heavy odds by an underdog which they would
like to see re-suppressed.

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But times have changed susanc. Maybe at one point in time, the naacp had a noble cause, but today its a sham. They use racism to propel their business forward, because thats what the naacp is today. Its not out to help anyone.

My 0.2 cents.

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Everyone is going to freak out when I say this.

Black people and Chinese immigrants are the most racist people in America by far. I just call it how it is.

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Okay, I knew the semantics of this question would be attacked….


If there was an organization made by whites that was created to serve whites exclusively this would not be tolerated by society.

I don’t disagree with the mission statement of the NAACP, however, it seems that the organization often times make stands where the facts don’t support a poor innocent persecuted African American.

I love how supportive the members of fluther are toward ethnic communites, but I can say this from personal knowledge that blacks have more inter-racial discrimination toward each other (skin shades and hair texture, etc.) and black on black crime that IN MY OPINION the NAACP should spend more time in their segregated bliss uniting their community instead of attacking others.

(By the way, I was generalizing my statement…so please be a little less of a literal reader… so I will preface my future posts when I use all – I mean IN MY OPINION…)

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the last comment was directed at @tviolet

Please don’t be so literal… but I will point out that the use of the word widely changes the meaning of that sentence… not to mean that I know every American’s opinion, but that the media at large, public, and personal relationships with people feel that way.

Go ahead, take your best shot at beating me up instead of answering or adding to the question…

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It is true that the NAACP could help themselves out a lot by first focusing more on positive ways to really help their own communities.
And yes, it is true that some blacks have a hang-up on skin tone, and hair texture, but do you know the history behind that? Yeah, it’s history, but some old doctrines die hard.

Also, just so I can understand. What do you mean when you refer to segregated bliss?

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Oh boy… segregation isn’t forced on anyone. I have noticed at work, we have to meet before we start our day and the blacks segregate themselves.

HISTORY as you are quoting proves by organizations like the NAACP and the Black panthers among others strive for segregation… so I stated that because it appears as though if they want to segregate it is blissful for them… Does that explain myself, yet again?

(BTW, yes I know the history behind the high yellow or red bone references and the masta—- that is a whole different story… but if you want to bring that up I just watched an episode of Tyra where blacks themselves stated that the lighter complexion black people get favor in their circles… and those who have soft or fine hair are thought of as prettier. They also get a lot of annomosity toward them for the same reasons…)

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We could argue about this forever, but I’m just going to say that segregation is wrong, no matter what race, black, white, whatever. Maybe some people from some races want to be off to themselves, and that’s fine, as long as they don’t mess with someone else’s well-being.

Also, no matter what, Americans are Americans, we need to stop looking at this place as “becoming less white by the day”, or America won’t be anybody’s after a while.

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@Sparget: Shame on you!

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It,s quite obvious the civil rights movement helped destroy America. being proud and white is considered racism but black and proud…..oh ya. thats O.K. check out crime stats, prison stats, welfare. black and latino people have turned america into a cesspool and we all know it but nobody wants to admit it! walk through a black neighborhood at night. do you feel safe? i didnt think so.

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I love that Barack Obama’s new TV AD says at the very end…

And never forget the dignity that comes from work.

Hooray for him! Thanks guy! Maybe there is a way to change this country by work ethic and what you do instead of the color of your skin or who you know… :)

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Simple. They want to have it both ways. They want to be able to have their cake, and it it to, if you will.

They view nothing wrong with having a group that looks after black people (and there isn’t anything wrong with that, by the way)

But if a white person wants to have an organization that looks after them and their intrest, they’re automatically billed as ‘bigots’, ‘racists’, ‘Klansmen’, ect.

But let’s not forget that the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam are just as militant and violent as the KKK… yet the Liberal Medias give them a free pass and just turn the other way.

THAT’S what I have a problem with.

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Some of you are blind to what the fuck has and is still going on in this country. NAACp was established and is still a noble orgnization because of Jim Crow and Jena 6…Yes there is still such a place where a black woman is kidknapped and torcherd with rat shit and knives because she is black. It hasn’t changed as much as we would like trust me! And I’m white by the way…CRAKKKA!

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Nation of Islam had good values but I admit they messed up but they were still a product of their enviroment.
The Panthers were more than needed when they were at their best. Their kids were being beaten and killed by the people they were paying to protect them. They learned the law to the letter and used it against the people who brutalized them. All while giving back to their communities and taking drugs out the ghettos…Until Hoover did what he did…But that was ok huh?

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why am I not surprised…If you and the rest of those soulless cannibals would have left us on our continent and not invaded it a century before that you would still be crawling on your belleys and fukking little boys in greece…be happy you carried us over here…we built this country with our sweat and blood you ungrateful fukk! We just want whats ours…Does that scare you…IT SHOULD!!!

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Learn the definition of RACIST then see if it can apply to a black person in America…IGNORANCE!!

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Whoa. I’m totally confused.

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I accidently flagged “susanc” as a great answer, but indeed it was. You have to laugh and ask yourself what gated community she lives in or what “cultural elite” she hopes to identify with to straighten out “our” flawed, but realistic thinking. Susanc is NO friend to the blacks or the whites…she’s merely self-serving.

Unfortunately, all prowhite organizations are a knee-jerk reaction to perceived and somewhat realistic discrimination towards a largely complacent majority. I lean toward a pro-white stance, but I refuse to identify with any such organization. It takes just one bad episode and the whole group is flagged. One day, I hope to enter public office and I need to be as upstanding as possible.

Working for the city and being DIRECTLY involved with indigent peoples allows a cold, but realistic view of the world we live in. I would like to help all people, but not at the expense of hurting who and what I represent.

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What I wrote (months ago) is pretty darn factual, except for the last phrase, which absolutely was hot-headed. Sorry.

There are amazing, amazing statements being made here which show me that
I do live in with a “cultural elite”, among other people who really believe that slavery
and kidnapping differ in nature from even the most arduous immigration from, say, Germany, Italy, Cambodia, or El Salvador.

For the record, I live in a factory. My neighborhood is “gated” in the sense that most of the neighbors try hard not to be racists, including the black neighbors. Self-serving? You bet.

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Because in history, most whites were horrible to black people. Not letting them join any clubs or anything due to rasism. so, african americans used the NAACP to have something for themselves, to remind them that they came from a strong people and gave them hope. White people were never kept away from anything because of their skin color, so there really isn’t a point to having an NAAWP. at least there isn’t one that I see.

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This is the year 2009. My great great grandfather came here “after” slavery. My husbands Father came here “after” slavery. There are so many people who came here “after” slavery. The Italians, Arabs, Jews, Chinese etc…... but we all have to keep hearing the whining of the blacks. Get over it, you live in America & you paid nothing for the trip. Your ancestors worked for it. You are not in Africa where disease, starvation & poverty are the norm. I was born in 1960 growing up that black people are like everyone else until I got older & I have to keep hearing the whining. Ok, some white person was mean to you, we are all hated by someone in our lives. Maybe it’s not because your black but because you’re an ignorant idiot. Now clean up your neighborhoods, get an education, wipe your noses & get along! STOP WHINING!!!!!

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Susanc, whites were horrible to blacks because they wouldn’t let them join any clubs? Are you 12 years old? Women wern’t allowed to join mens clubs. Did you know after the slaves were set free, the black man got to vote? Women had to fight an awful fight for that right & it wasn’t until the early 20th century that they won that battle. The world is a tough place & if a membership to a club is something so awful to you, I pity you & your ignorance. “duh” (Something a 12 year old would say)

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oooops, not Susanc but to ayannarenee

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At this point in cultural evolution, I do not believe that anyone needs any supplemental assistance; unless you have a physical or mental handicap. I do not want to sound trite, but, Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States. That is about as far as you can go. Furthermore, there are many successful colored people across the world, both as celebrities and as business leaders. I believe that the playing field has been leveled and if whites cannot have naawp then colored people should not be able to have the naacp. Besides, in my experience, the only people who cry for help, are the people who will not use that energy to help themselves.

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It’s related to the entitlement mentality. Whites ‘owe’ blacks an undefined amount, so blacks get more social leeway.

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the thought is that whites are the sole perpetrators of this nation. people dont think that the white people have to face any oppression when in fact the white people came to this continent in an effort to escape oppression. and yes the white people of this nation still face oppression and cultural struggles just as the blacks or hispanics and asians do. the white people have been accused of being racist more than any other group of people when in all actuality this is not so. so any oganization of a white race will be seen as a hate group. the naacp is a group of black americans in need of help from oppression and racism and such. they are not a hate group. and the same would go for the naawp! of course in the naacp and in the naawp there are people who are in fact racist but that is the thoughts and actions of that person not the group. I think all groups of people should have a group because no matter what there will always be racism aganst any group. in nature an animal will stay in a pack of the same animal but when there is a threat of an attack from another kind of animal the animal will defend to the death that of their own blood and forget about the rest of the pack that it travels with that is not of its own blood. so even within nature we defend our own. thus proving when it comes down to do or die we will instinctively help our race out and not care a bit about the others. that may not be morally right but it is natural instincts. and civil rights screw other people like that of the affirmative action minorities can get jobs easier than nonminorites which screws over the nonminorites and is racist to do so…. I will have more on this subject at a later date sry to stop in the middle!!!

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“We’re so hung up on this notion that we have some obligation to help the struggling black man, you know. Cut him some slack until he can overcome these historical injustices. It’s crap. I mean, Christ, Lincoln freed the slaves, like, what? 130 years ago. How long does it take to get your act together?
Every problem in this country is “race” related. Every problem, not just crime. These problems are rooted in the black community, the Hispanic community, the Asian… every non- Protestant group in our society. Look at the shit. Immigration… welfare… AIDS… they’re all the problems of the non-white. Look at the statistics.
No no no! Don’t say poverty right now cause that’s not it. They’re not a product of our fucking environment either! Minoriti Millions of white Europeans came to this country and flourished within a generation! A generation! So what the fuck is wrong with these people?! es don’t give two shits about this country! They’re here to exploit… not embrace.

On the Statue of Liberty it says: “Give me your tired, your hungry, your poor.” Well, it’s Americans who are tired and hungry and poor. And I say, until you take care of that, close the fucking book. ‘Cause we’re losing. We’re losing our rights to pursue our destiny. We’re losing our freedom. So that a bunch of fucking foreigners can come in here and exploit our country. And this isn’t something that’s going on far away. This isn’t something that’s happening places we can’t do anything about it.
Alright listen up! We need to open our eyes. There is over two millions illegal immigrants bedding down in the state tonight. The state spent three billions dollars last year on services for those people who had no right to be here in the first place. Three billions dollars. 400 millions dollars just to lock up a bunch of illegal immigrant criminals who only got in this country because the fucking INS decided it’s not worth the effort to scream for convicted felons.
Who gives a shit? Our government doesn’t gave a shit. Our border policy is a joke! So is anybody surprised that those at the south of the border are laughing at us, laughing at our laws. Every night thousand of these parasites stream across the border like some fucking pinata bodies.

Don’t laugh! They’re nothing funny going on here this is about your life and mine. It’s about decent hard-working Americans falling into the cracks and getting the shaft because their government cares more about the constitutional rights of a bunch of people who aren’t even citizens in this country.”

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it’s quotes from american history x

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Then you need to say that. On Fluther, when we quote something, we cite our source.

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