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George Zimmerman, incredible bad luck?

Asked by GoldieAV16 (5393points) September 9th, 2013

Since his acquittal, two speeding tickets, and is now in custody for a domestic altercation involving threats and a gun.

This Good Guy who was just defending himself seems to have some incredibly bad luck, doesn’t he?

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Poor guy. He’s such a model citizen. I really feel for him.

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At this rate, he may end up as the victim of gun violence. That would be a darn shame, wouldn’t it?

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Not sure if any of that stuff is relevant to the fact that he killed a kid.

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I wonder if his wife was modeling her new hoodie….

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And his wife filed for divorce. She claims he feels invincible after his murder acquittal.

The downside of being found not-guilty, I guess, is that you believe that you are not guilty.

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@Cupcake – as in “you can get away with murder” ...

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^ You have said it…....

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Now, now, I’m sure it was only in self-defense.

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He should have just stayed in the car…

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Poor George, it’s always someone else’s fault!

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Not bad luck, just a matter of a guy who is, and probably always will be, under media scrutiny since the day he chose to kill a fellow human being.

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Seems to me he’s a one man wrecking crew, always in the wrong place at the wrong time, sometimes by design.

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I just saw on Facebook (so it must be true) that she pulled a knife on him first. Can anyone confirm that? ‘Ole Georgie…always the victim.

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deleted by Pachy.

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He will be haunted by the ghost of Trayvon Martin for the rest of his life.

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This poor guy just can never seem to get a brake, maybe we could take up a collection for him?

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^ Bahahaha Bahahahaha Hoooo hoooo hooo Har har har…...Oh wait, you were serious

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Sarcasm was my intent.

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His wife says he threatened her with a gun and they let him off again!
He is invincible.

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I think that being a fool and an SOB pretty much eliminates him from being a nice guy.

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I heard on the radio that the wife changed her story and doesn’t want to press charges.

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I can’t say I blame her. He has an excellent lawyer, and he’s like teflon – nothing sticks. Better she just get far away as fast as possible.

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Woah… I didn’t know it was his wife.

I would hate to hear the conversation she had with her lawyer that led to her dropping charges.

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She said just prior to this incident in a tv interview I saw that she is afraid of his invincible attitude. It’s obvious to me that she was threatened enough to drop this.

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Ok, this may get interesting. the police have the I-phone that Zimmerman destroyed and they are trying to recover video that Zimmerman’s wife had recorded of the altercation that took place between Zimmerman His wife and her father .if they are successful he might be facing felony assault charges and lose his right to carry a firearm.

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Just saw an interview with his ex-lawyer who said he won’t be representing Zimmerman again. They asked the lawyer if he had any words for Zimmerman. He says “He should pay me.”

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Poor Zimmerman. I wish someone would give him free travel tickets to Syria for some R & R.

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