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Do you think web culture and values like freedom of speech/freedom of press are seeping into politics?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) June 22nd, 2008

Do you think that web values are becoming more popular in the real world? Is it that people like Anonymous against Scientology are merely expressing their internet enforced rights in the real world?
Are bloggers making people more willing to divulge sensitive information in the press than they were before?

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I got a letter from a scientologist organization telling me that I’m “special”.......... It was great!

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@cheeb You are special!

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1. I don’t regard freedom of speech and freedom of the press as web culture or values.

2. Not really. There have always been leakers.

3. I do see web journalists taking up the investigative role more and more as print newsrooms and TV newsrooms now run by accountants and lawyers are more concerned with the bottom line and potential litigation than the news or what the public has a right to know. And to that I say, “Hear! Hear! Go blogosphere!”

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