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Would you watch tv on your computer exclusively?

Asked by iwamoto (5266points) June 22nd, 2008

installed Joost today, i remember seeing it being released, now that i have an intel mac, i decided to download it, pretty nice, smooth transitions etc.

so now i was thinking, i wouldn’t mind seeing everything that’s on TV on there, from around the world, heck, i’d even pay for it

so what about you ? would you be willing to pay ?

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I am not willing to pay for much. But I would happily install a pirated version.

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Perhaps if our computer wasn’t a dinosaur because the t.v. is ancient too.

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Not exclusively. I do enjoy watching tv on my laptop. Usually it’s something that I am only interested in watching. I like watching one of the bigscreen TVs in the house better.

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Already do. The only TV I watch is streamed from or netflixed.

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what is joost? And I already watch most of my tv and movies free on my computer. and southpark LOL. And I’m thinking of getting an appletv and streaming my free stuff to my high-def tv as well.

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well will, that’s pretty simple, follow me in these easy steps, watch closely

- i open a new browser window
– i go to
– i type in joost television
– i click the top link, see how it corresponds with my story ?
– if you read the page you just reached, you can see a link at the top called what is joost

there, see, with these few easy steps that cost me around 10 seconds to do, i know what joost is, and so do you, if other people have the same question as will, feel free to use my easy guide to gather knowledge using the internet and google

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I do.

I just torrent the shows I like and watch them at my convienience.

There’s a great app for the Mac called TVshows, that’ll download the shows you “subscribe” to automatically.

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When I watch TV I like a nice, comfy place to sit and relax. Even if I put my macbook on my lap (what an idea) and sit on my couch, the experience just isn’t the same. I do watch shows on the computer, but only if I missed it when it aired and forgot to record it.

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I would do it IF I could hook up my computer to the big TV or had a bigger monitor. I’ve watched movies on my laptop (17”) and really don’t enjoy the tiny-ness of it. The glare is also bad unless you’re sitting RIGHT in front of it. Other than that, I would totally use my comptuer for TV.

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I would have no problem with watching tv on my laptop exclusively. 90% of the time, that’s what i do anyway. when there are alll these free movies and tv shows streaming online, why would you want to spend money to rent a movie or pay for cable? instead, just pay for internet, and you get a all-in-one deal. currently i do have access to tv/cable, but if it went away, there would be no love lost between us.

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i now watch TV almost exclusively on my computer. in addiiton to joost, check out Hulu for free TV…

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i can’t see vid’s on Hulu since i’m not a U.S resident, too bad :( maybe i should use some spoofing tool but i’m not gonna go through all the trouble

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you are your own spoofing tool~

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i tried out joost yesterday and was unimpressed. maybe i just need to play around more with it, but the stuff and channels i DID see were crappy.

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well, there’s only one real channel i watch….the transformers chanel

but my idea was just the ability to watch ALL tv shows on a medium like joost, that’s really something i’d pay for

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in addition to the ideas mentioned, here are a number of other ways to view tv without cable or a satellite…

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