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Can I get the LinkedIn group digest emails as an RSS feed?

Asked by garydale (216points) September 10th, 2013

Rather than getting 8 plus emails every day for each group, can I get the group discussion emails sent to my RSS feed reader? I would not only like to get this for myself but I would also like to have the RSS link for others who might be interested in receiving the information in an RSS format.

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LinkedIn doesn’t seem to have any RSS feeds. I use Feedly and a useful feature is if you go to Add Content and enter just the url without the http or www eg, Feedly will then search the site in question and return a list of all RSS feeds. I did this with and none came up

There are a few sites that will convert a website page to a RSS feed. It’s quite hard to do as you need to be able to understand the html behind the page to indicate where each link starts and finishes. I don’t have one that I particularly recommend as they tend to come and go, but I have used them successfully.

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