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Tablet without USB port?

Asked by Headhurts (4482points) September 11th, 2013

Apart from the iPad, is there a tablet without a USB port?

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No because most companies have agreed to legislation to use the mini USB port as a standard charging port on phones and the like. Apple gets round this by selling a separate adapter.

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Check out Acer Iconia A-100

To my great frustration, the one I used to have was not able to be charged by USB.

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@Buttonstc But could you view a flash drive on it?

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Another missing feature which irked me.

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@Buttonstc: “To my great frustration, the one I used to have was not able to be charged by USB.”

No USB port? How does it charge? Induction? Wait, it appears that this does charge via the standard micro usb port. And yes, you can plug a usb flash drive to micro usb using any $3 adapter.

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@Buttonstc That’s great news, thank you so much. I will have a look and get one.

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On the top right side there is a small round charging port which is definitely NOT USB (or else I would have been able to charge it via USB when the internal part of it got screwed up necessitating taking it into Best Buy where they had to ship it to Acer to get it repaired)

There is a proprietary charger which comes with the tablet and that’s the ONLY way it can be charged.

I have no idea what the technical name is of that small round end (its a similar size to the typical 35mm headphone jack plugs. But obviously you can’t use that to charge; I merely mention it due to similar size and shape) Any USB port is oblong(ish) in shape.

But, actually I just remembered that there is a small micro USB port on the bottom for data transfer ONLY.

But that cannot be used for charging nor can it be used with a typical USB thumb drive. In other words, largely useless for the two handiest uses of a USB port (charging and thumb drive).

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I would not recommend getting one for numerous reasons. It is far inferior to something like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7 inch) or its larger 10 inch big brother.

But, do your own research as both have been widely reviewed and compared on numerous tech sites and there are also video reviews and comparisons posted on YT.

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I have an iPad. I was wanting it for a gift someone. Just to be able to browse the net. I don’t want to be able to view a memory stick on it.

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So I assume you’re not gifting this person with an iPad and are looking for something more affordable?

Having dealt with both the Acer Iconia and the Samsung Galaxy Tab (both 7 inch tabs) I can’t emphasize strongly enough how superior is the Samsung. This is for many reasons having nothing to do with memory sticks or USB stuff.

Since there is little price difference between the two, I think your friend would be much happier with the Samaung. Plus, they provide free telephone support here in the USA. Acer does not.

And if anything goes wrong with the Acer, getting it taken care of it is a major hassle.

But I also strongly urge you to do your own research. Google some tech reviews and comparisons of both tablets. I’m just one opinion but I can tell you honestly that dealing with that Acer was frustration on a daily basis for me.

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If they wanted an iPad, they could have one. But this person doesn’t want to give up their laptop, just wants something to pick up quickly and browse the net with. That’s all, nothing fancy. In fact they are quite happy not to have one. I only want to get something because when they see mine, they always compliment everything about it.

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