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Will Kermit the frog ever get married to Miss Piggy?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) September 11th, 2013

Also what about the spousal abuse from miss Piggy. Hyy-ja.

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They have married before. At least in the movies. Of course, their relationship “in real life” is different.

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I don’t think Obama mentioned anything about it in his speech to the nation last night.

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He has been “makin’ bacon” for years. If he hasn’t made her a kosher pig by now, he ain’t gonna.

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@talljasperman Isn’t that close to the dictionary definition of delusions of grandeur, which is, “A flea climbing up an elephant’s leg with rape on his mind.”

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No, he just wants to pork her.

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I hope not! I love Kermit, but Miss Piggy always annoyed the shit out of me!

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Imagine what the offspring would look like!

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@Sunny2 Indeed. A whole brood of piogs and frigs.

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Or a spindly legged green miniature Miss Piggy in a baby bonnet. Or a pink Kermit with a snout and curlicue tail.

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