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Are your cats company for each other?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11141points) September 11th, 2013

If you have more than one, do they keep each other company?

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My mom always said you need two cats to keep each other company… I have no evidence to the contrary.

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Tow of them get along, and they are united in their disdain of the third.

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I’ve always wanted a second cat, but mine has never tolerated the presence of another feline. He’s 13 now and sleeps most of the day and night, so not having a cat pal doesn’t seem to be an issue for him.

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I got a second cat when my baby was a kitten. Being the sole person in the house and frequently busy either at home or away I just couldn’t keep this kitten entertained.

Well they were both young the second one was a year. They got along and the year old cat managed to teach mine to hunt.

But they both wanted equal amount of attention from me still and kittens chasing each other around a house unattended can leave wreckage that has to be cleaned up. I only have one cat now. She did grow up out of a lot of her kittenish behavior which was always cute. But I am glad its a memory. I doubt she would get along with anither cat at her age now. 6. She is a tabby. Their temperament is known for bitchiness and not playing well with others. If I still had the cat she was with as a kitten they would no doubt get along like family.

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I went pet free for about 2 years after my cat died. I took in a female kitten living around my house since she was friendly and came to me. She lived alone with me for about 3 years when a girl at work gave me a boy kitten that she rescued from an abusive house, and he’s even missing most of his left ear. They named him Vincent Van Gogh, and now after 3 months of having him I now just call him Vince.

Vince was very little when I first got him (like less than 3 months), and at first my 3 year old female cat (Peaches) would hiss at him. After about a week however she started cleaning Vince, laying with him and even carrying him with her mouth! Vince is about 6 months old now, but Peaches still cleans him, then he gets mad. Sometimes they lay together, and other times they’re wrestling. I hope Peaches enjoys Vince’s company, but these days I’m not sure since they fight alot. They both lay with me when I’m sleeping though.

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No. They either ignore each other or try to kill each other. Unless they’re congregating around the catnip patch in the yard.

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Yes. My two are a 4 yr. old female tortie point siamese and a 7 yr. old bi-color ragdoll. “Mia & Myles.”
They play together, and keep each other company when I am not home.
The only time they have a moment is when they both want the favored top tier of the cat tree. haha
My male who weighs 17 lbs. to my females 7 just jumps up and pushes her out. lol

They have worked out an every other night routine lately where they alternate the top bunk with bunking with me.
Last night Myles claimed the top and Mia slept next to me on the bed.

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Yes and No. Cats sometimes clash, they might ignore each other, sometimes they fall in love and really want to be with each other. Like people.

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