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Is there an object that is inherently safe?

Asked by Ltryptophan (12091points) September 11th, 2013

What is the safest thing in the world? An object. Consider maybe it is a glacier, or a single carbon atom, or maybe it is a gummy bear….

Is there anything that is innocuous?

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A drop of water.

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What do you mean? Completely harmless to life forms (it doesn’t harm anything)? or secure in itself (it can’t be harmed)? or something else?

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harmless to life, especially human life.

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A drop of water could harm you, listen to a dripping faucet for 24 hours and go insane.
Let the drip fall on your face for 12 hours and go insane faster. lol

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Air. Unless you are a fish.

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@Coloma that’s many drops of water….how can one drop of water hurt you!

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A nun’s chastity belt?

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One oxygen molecule

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There is nothing that is inherently safe.

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Moonlight at full moon it does give you sunburn unless if you are a vampire.
Sadly nothing is safe even a single atom can be dangerous.

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@ucme space may be a bit small inside and I think air may be a problem.

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@Houdini It’s undeniably a safe.

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Even the smallest, most apparently safe object I can think of—a cotton ball, say—ends up being potentially unsafe if swallowed, especially by an infant. I honestly can’t think of anything that could always be called completely safe.

Really interesting question—made me think a long time.

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Nothing is safe and the closer and more familiar things appear the more dangerous they are. Your kitchen is the most dangerous place in the universe, you are not safe even from your own hands.

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@Ltryptophan The torture of a thousand drops of water begins with the first drop. lol

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Have a look at a random droplet of water

“In a drop (one millilitre) of seawater, one can find 10 million viruses, one million bacteria and about 1,000 small protozoans and algae (called “protists”).”

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One piece of short hair.

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@KNOWITALL Not if it’s in my soup. Very harmful. lol

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