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Have you ever been accused of kissing up to anyone, even though you were not kissing up to anyone at all?

Asked by AnonymousWoman (6533points) September 12th, 2013

I have. As someone who only ever gives genuine compliments, I really hate this. I feel the need to defend myself at times and wish I didn’t. I know it says more about the accuser than it says about me, but I hate being accused of things about me that aren’t true. How can I deal with the desire to defend myself so that I can keep my cool more often?

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I don’t know. Great start huh. But to a person who will say great color blouse instead of you look fabulous or I love that out fit I understand the lengths I go to not to be dishonest and the times I feel cornered to say something and it would mean nothing to lie but I still don’t…. It would make life easier.. random tidbit social liars are much more popular and well liked.. duh.

At least you recognize that it’s not about you. The healthiest thing would be to brush it off. If there is an answer I’m following this one.

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The wife, I swear i’m a good inch taller at least…i’ve gotten this wrong haven’t I?

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No, because my coworkers know I am equally nice to the people at the bottom as I am to the people at the top. I say hello to everyone, I smile at them and I chat nicely to all. At the same time, if someone is not nice in return, I don’t kiss their asses, and if I don’t like something, or someone wants an opinion, they know I will give it if asked.

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Only in school. I was tormented as “teacher’s pet” until I hated life.

Thing is, classwork was just easy for me. I wasn’t trying to do anything special – I didn’t have friends, so I didn’t get into trouble trying to impress them, and my mom had turned down the offer to jump me two grades. Of course I got my work done quickly and was allowed more Amazon Trail time.

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In school. I’m the kid that gets told he’s not allowed to answer anymore (because often I’m answering most stuff) It’s not like I’m trying to impress anyone it’s just I hate when the teacher waits for the class to answer and half the class doesn’t know and the other half doesn’t feel like talking so we all just sit there awkwardly so I decide to get answer so we can finally move on with class. I’m also the kid that has a tendency to stay after class a lot to ask the teacher random questions about the topic.

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Only once that I can think of, and ironically enough it was right here on Fluther. There are certain small-minded members that think if you’re friends with the head moderator (Augustlan), that means you’re kissing up to site management. Pathetic.

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Sometimes just being polite or diplomatic can be taken wrong. I hate it when that happens.

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