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What are your thoughts on the bikers riding through Washington on 911?

Asked by DWW25921 (6498points) September 12th, 2013

I’ve read some reports that say they were there to counter the Muslim march. Seems unlikely though as only 25 folks showed up for that. Personally, I thought it was a respectful and peaceful show of solidarity. Why does it seem that the press is demonizing folks who actually did show up to protest the Muslim gathering when there are counter demonstrators at every event? What’s the big deal guys? Making a mountain out of a molehill are we? I mean, there were no incidents!

I don’t think this article could be any more slanted. What ever happened with just reporting facts instead of embellishing a bit on what is perceived to be “not politically correct.” I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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I think it is a wonderful example of how America works, at its best. This is a country where people are (still) allowed to have their own thoughts. It is a country where people are (so far) permitted to speak their minds in a public forum. And above all, it shows that the great American tradition of peaceful protest is alive and well.

I have no particular admiration for either the bikers or the Muslims.

What I do admire is that we live in a free country where these sort of events and protests are permissible, legal, and take place.

If nothing else, this is a shining example of how America should work. (Compare these protests to China, Russia, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey.)

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Pfft. These are the same people vilifying Obama and railing against any progressive movement. Don’t they have jobs? Oh, probably not. They just like to blow it out their…

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I understand both sides to a degree.

The Muslims don’t want all the blame for 9/11, and since all Muslims are not terrorists, that makes sense to me.

The Christians are showing they aren’t afraid of Muslims by flexing their popular muscles, after all, all Muslims hate Christians right? (sarcasm)

@elbanditoroso I completely agree with your sentiments.

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Shakespeare wrote a play about it – “Much Ado About Nothing.”

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@elbanditoroso I agree. People should be allowed to do this without a government intervention. What do you think about the bikers permit being denied? I mean, all they did was drive around…

@tinyfaery Obama is a villain! To be fair so was bush. I didn’t vote for either of them… What’s wrong with vilifying a liar? I mean, every election cycle whomever wins gets worse and worse regardless of their political party. Your loyalty frankly confuses me. Please explain it.

@KNOWITALL I can dig that. I’m just glad it was peaceful. @elbanditoroso was right by saying we’re luck to live in a country that folks can do things like this.

@zenvelo I think everyone who wanted to make a statement did. That’s something.

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“hundreds of bikers drove past, revving their engines to show their patriotism in response to the demonstration”

It illustrates that conservatives think behaving like 5-year olds is “patriotic”...

“Martin Luther King is burning in hell right now as we speak.”

…and they’re racists.

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@jaytkay You don’t get it.

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@KNOWITALL I think the bikers don’t get it.

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@glacial Oh, the bikers get it all right.

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@KNOWITALL Maybe I should buy a bike…

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